Awesome vs. AAAnimus, Part 1

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Awesome vs. AAAnimus, Part 1
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 51
Previous The Big Bounce
Next Awesome vs. AAAnimus, Part 2

Awesome vs. AAAnimus, Part 1 is the fifty-first episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on May 18th, 2019 alongside Awesome vs. AAAnimus, Part 2.


Dan discusses a plan to sneak out in the dark when AAAnimus isn't expecting them, they have several problems with their plan that will cause them to be captured. No matter what they do, they are bound to be captured and stopped - even if they split up. Benton shows up at the studio, telling them that he knows what happened and how Philomena stole their Bakugan, he's kept a close watch of AAAnimus. He apologizes for doing the awful things he did, he regrets it, he wanted to test the powers of the AO as Brawlers in order to make his dream a reality.

Benton reveals his dream, he wants to make everything related to Bakugan - open-sourced and free to use with the Core Cell energy so all Brawlers around the world can use Bakugan; nobody would be able to use the Core Cell for themselves. Despite the complexity of stealing such a huge object, Benton's plan is to hack into the Core Cell control system, making it into an open-source generator. The AO and Benton use the portal door at Benton's office to go into AAAnimus HQ. The brawlers and Benton split up, Benton goes to hack the Core Cell control system, while the Brawlers go to free their Bakugan.

The AO attempt to mess with the security until they are caught by the AAAnimus grunts, Col Tripp is shocked they found a way into the HQ, so he sends out the controlled AO Bakugan, beginning a brawl. Meanwhile, Philomena is furious about the AO infiltrating the headquarters, and Philomena is then alerted that someone (Benton) is in the computer room hacking the system, Philomena mentions there is one person who could get into the security room. Benton.

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