Trolling for Laughs

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Trolling for Laughs
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 6
Previous Bully for You
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Trolling for Laughs is the sixth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired on December 26th 2018 alongside Bully for You.


Wynton's constant practical jokes wear thin on his Bakugan Trox so the Bakugan decide to teach him a lesson.


The episode begins with Wynton and Trox battling against Cyndeous. After the battle, a red Bakugan ball rolls nearby Cyndeous and Trox while they are in ball form, but is revealed to actually be a smoke bomb prank. Trox asks why Wynton embarrassed him, and Wynton responds by showing Trox a video of him being pranked by getting a pie thrown at his face. Wynton loves pulling pranks and the Awesome Ones' viewers on ViewTube can't get enough of them. Trox is disappointed and he doesn't understand why he is being made fun of, as the videos are not funny to him. Wynton doesn't understand why Trox is mad, to which Cyndeous tells Wynton that he should be more sensitive.

Dan, Lia, and Wynton later laugh at several videos of Trox being pranked, with the videos getting quite popular. Because of this new-found fame, Wynton believes he should make another one right away, but Trox states that he has had enough, and is done helping Wynton with the prank videos. Trox claims that they can't have fun until they trust each other, and Trox doesn't trust Wynton. He calls Wynton a bad Bakugan Brawler because he doesn't understand his feelings. Wynton gets angry and shouts at Trox, saying that he can't take a joke and calls him a bad Bakugan. Everyone else in the room (with the exception of Lightning/Howlkor) is speechless. Wynton tells Trox to "go ahead and turn his back, he can't do anything on his own". Trox disagrees and says he can make it on his own, without Wynton. Wynton then challenges Trox to beat Drago, Gorthion, and Cyndeous in a battle, and if he does - he can leave Wynton and find a new partner, even though Wynton realizes he's making a mistake. Trox says if he wins, Wynton must put a post online saying that he is a bad brawler.

The battle begins, and it seems like Trox stands no chance against three Bakugan, which Wynton believes. Trox is confident he can handle the brawl. Drago, Cyndeous, and Gorthion attack Trox at once, but after the smoke clears Trox is not to be seen. It turns out that he had dodged the attack. Trox pulls a "goofball" strategy and dodges their attacks by running away and jumping around. He then attacks using Petrification, Crystal Rock Riser, and Ventus Mirage. Lia points out Trox seems to be in complete control of the battle, and Wynton questions if Trox could actually win the battle. The three Bakugan circle Trox and simultaneously attack once again, but Trox dodges the attacks by digging under the attacks with Rock Riser and causing the opposing Bakugan to hit themselves. In doing this, Trox wins the battle and proceeds to leave Wynton, but before Trox can get far Wynton runs to Trox telling him that he was kidding, crying and pleading for Trox to come back. He tells Trox that he won't pull anymore practical jokes, and that he is a fool and a bad Bakugan brawler and wants him to forgive him. Trox says trust is difficult thing to earn but is glad he told him the truth, for he knows he can trust Wynton after what they have been though.

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