Power Tripp

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Power Tripp
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 40
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Power Tripp is the fortieth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on April 6th, 2019 alongside Tripped Up.


Wynton hasn’t shown up for a while as he is trying to fix the Core Cell Capturer. He goes to Studio D, reminiscing about the argument they had, wondering if Dan is still mad. Wynton then is stopped by Col. Tripp, who is back, he throws a B-Mine, but not on his Bakugan, but Wynton himself. The B-Mine brainwashes Wynton, with the goal to have Wynton use Lupitheon to cause chaos in Los Volmos. Lupitheon, powered by the moon, causes the civilians to run in fear, while Col. Tripp tries to contain Lupitheon. The AAAnimus soldiers come to Studio D to round up Wynton’s associates as Wynton is tearing up the town. Shun stops the soldiers and tells Dan to go help Wynton.

Dan runs towards a berserk Luptiheon, shocked at Wynton doing such bad things. Col Tripp tells Dan that the army has proof Bakugan are strong weapons, all Bakugan possessed by kids must be confiscated. Dan sends out Drago to chase after the brainwashed Lupitheon and Wynton, Dan believes Wynton is upset because he broke Wynton’s invention. Dan tells Wynton that he screwed up and tells Wynton that he should stop, Lupitheon and Drago fight against each other. Dan admits the truth, he was freaking out about Drago not being able to evolve, he doesn’t want Wynton to get there first, so that’s why he got competitive, but now they’re fighting even though they are best friends. Wynton then snaps out of his brainwashing temporarily before being electrocuted by the B-Mine. Lupitheon defeats Drago, and the army comes to stop Lupitheon.

Wynton struggles to break free, and he finally rips off the B-Mine, he tells Wynton he’s all over the Core Cell Capturer, he doesn’t want to fight anymore. Wynton sends out Trox to stop his brainwashed Lupitheon, Wynton says he will not lose his best friends because of this, and starts to gather power from the core Cell, he throws a BakuCore and activates Ventus Evolution, evolving Trox into Hyper Trox without the need of the device. Hyper Trox uses Sonic Cyclone and finishes off Lupitheon. The government soldiers discover the broken B-Mine on the ground, they then take Col. Tripp and his soldiers away because he was the real creator of this incident. Col Tripp tells the AO that this isn’t over, and they’ll regret it. Wynton tells Dan that Wynton evolved first after all, but Dan will get his chance eventually, they shake hands.

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Featured Brawls[edit]

  • Dan (Drago) and Wynton Styles (Trox) vs. Col. Armstrong Tripp (controlled Lupitheon) = Dan and Wynton win