Career Opportunities

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Career Opportunities
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 45
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Career Opportunities is the forty-fifth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on April 27th, 2019 alongside Punch the Clock.


The Awesome Ones notice an announcement on AAAnimus' home page. Philomena and AAAnimus are working to get the Core Cell, her company signed a contract with the city of Los Volmos to ensure the safety of this object. The AO know this is bad because AAAnimus now has permission to take control of the Core Cell. They can't stop them because if they get caught for suspicion, they'll be arrested. Dan thinks they should tell Benton Dusk about this, but Dan's friends recollect what Duran said about how he was hired by Benton to lock Dan and Wynton in his basement. They hear a knock and find Kravitz, who invites them to AAAnimus HQ so Philomena can meet the AO.

The AO travel to AAAnimus HQ, to investigate what's happening there, the AO are suspicious after Philomena invites them with hospitality with tea. Philomena wants to hire them and protect the Core Cell and consult on any and all Bakugan matters that come up. Despite this, they are still shocked about this, AAAnimus already has The Exit team and their hero act put them in charge, but Philomena tells them that they have been disbanded, and the former members have been fired, claiming they attempted to steal the Core Cell, and the AO stopped them. Philomena discusses people using Bakugan for their own purposes, but not all intentions are good, she discusses the weather satellite that was plummeting some time ago, how the AO saved the day, but she reveals that it was actually triggered to fall - by Benton Dusk. Philomena tells the AO to be careful around him.

Discussing Benton, Dan decides the team should go confront Benton directly and question what he has done. Benton reveals that he indeed had Duran trap Dan and Wynton, as well as causing the satellite to fall. The AO are shocked and angry at Benton and leave his office. The AO receive an angry call from Kravitz, who tells them the Core Cell excavation site is under attack. The AO come to the site to fight the attackers and their dog Bakugan. The Core Cell starts to glow, and Dan activates Pyrus Evolution, evolving Drago into Hyper Drago. Hyper Drago's “Drago Fury” easily finishes the group of dog Bakugan, causing the attackers to retreat.

Later, Dan tells his friends is that they should accept Philomena's offer and join AAAnimus, because the best way to protect the Core Cell is to stay close to it, as he sensed the Core Cell calling to him and Drago. Dan's friends agree to investigate AAAnimus and expose them, they won't get in caught by the city if they are working with AAAnimus themselves. Meanwhile, Benton is mad that his “favorite brawlers” are going with his sister.

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  • The Awesome Ones vs. Col. Armstrong Tripp = The Awesome Ones win