Backfire Brawl

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Backfire Brawl
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 48
Previous High Flying Hostiles
Next Hostile Take Over

Backfire Brawl is the forty-eighth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on May 4th, 2019 alongside High Flying Hostiles.


The Awesome Ones are exercising with their Bakugan in order for the AAAnimus to get data on the AO and their Bakugan. Kravitz tells the AO that the AAAnimus is currently studying the Core Cell, and she is refusing to tell them what for, this gets them suspicious, so they need to find the Core Cell soon and stop AAAnimus. Lightning tugs on Dan's shirt as he remembers the scent of the Core Cell, so the team goes to search for the Core Cell until Kravitz stops them so they can do more tests, the AO chooses to flee and get chased by AAAnimus grunts as they go through several rooms in the HQ searching for the Core Cell. The scent of the Core Cell seems to be close according to Phaedrus, Dan uses the key card but it doesn't work on the door, as it seems AAAnimus locked them out so they couldn't go into this top-secret room. Meanwhile, the scientists tell Philomena that their research has revealed little information on the Core Cell, as it seems to be “sleeping” and it needs to wake up so its power can be drawn.

The AO lose the grunts, but unfortunately ended up outside of the AAAnimus campus, their passcard doesn't let them in, but Shun believes there must be a way underground to get to it. They are confronted by Col Tripp in a disguised AAAnimus uniform, Dan brushes them off until Col Tripp activates the Drome. Col Tripp sends out Cloptor and the two other grunts send out Aquos and Haos Fangzor, It's the AO vs Col. Tripp and the two grunts. The Core Cell still isn't responding until Dan grabs a BakuCore, causing the Core Cell to release energy, the sparks cause the room to be out of control, and Philomena notices the Bakugan from the previous episode covered in dirt is reacting, she calls its name - Apollyon.

The reaction of the Core Cell shuts down the Drome, Cloptor and the two Fangzor get knocked out, but they are fine. Suddenly, the three Bakugan start attacking their surroundings, causing destruction, they are on a rampage and won't listen to Col Tripp's device. The AO Bakugan attempt to stop the wild Bakugan, Trox convinces them to chase them around so Drago can launch a sneak attack. Drago knocks them back and uses Twisting inferno to finish them off. Despite the incident, the damage on the facility was “minimum”, Dan and the others want answers about the black light that came from the underground, they want answers, Kravitz brushes it off, she tells them to write a 100-page apology letter as punishment. At the end of the episode, Philomena looks at Apollyon and smiles.

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Featured Brawls[edit]

  • The Awesome Ones vs. Berserk Cloptor and Fangzor = The Awesome Ones win