A Door Closes, A Door Opens

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A Door Closes, A Door Opens
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 63
Previous Family First
Next Kazami's Gambit

A Door Closes, A Door Opens is the sixty-third episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on September 15th, 2019 alongside Kazami's Gambit. It was released early on August 2nd on the CN App.


Drago finds himself in an area that is all pitch black, when a golden golem Bakugan then appears, he then sees the Core Cell and the island starting to collapse and get destroyed. Drago wakes up to find it was all a dream and tells Dan and the others that the island will be destroyed if they don't stop Masato's machine from overloading the Core Cell. They discuss how the BakuCores on the island were unstable and believe its a sign something is wrong with the Core Cell, they must stop the machine.

The Awesome Ones visit Ichiro Kazami to warn him to stop the Core Cell Extractor, but he won't believe the story a Bakugan dreamed about. Masato attempts to use the machine himself after it has failed several times, he bypasses the safety restraints to activate the machine. Shun tells Masato to stop what he is doing, but Masato won't let Shun stop him; especially since he overheard the conversation Shun had with his father about firing Masato. Shun battles Masato once again to resolve his drama himself, it's a brawl between Hydorous and Serpenteze once again. Masato tells Shun he will win the battle and stand at the top of the Kazami empire, Shun doesn't understand how hard it is to succeed. Masato reflects on his father who was fired from the Kazami company. He swore he would never become like his father, so he worked hard in order to achieve success - he won't be a loser like his father.

Hydorous continues to get hurt by Serpentezes' attack, but Shun is unable to use BakuCores as they are truly unstable. Shun tells Masato he is glad he left the Kazami Family because he got to travel the world and meet Dan and the others, being a success isn't everything. Shun manages to get another power to activate Aquos Evolution and evolve Hydorous into Hyper Hydorous, with a powerful Hydro Blast, Serpenteze is nearly defeated. Shun tells Hydorous to destroy the Core Cell Extractor but Ichiro tells Shun he gave him a second chance, and he's trying to throw it away. Shun confesses the truth to his father, he was never concerned about being cut from the family business, but being cut from his relationship with his father - he wants to continue on his own path.

Shun attempts to finish off Serpenteze with Double Hydro Blast but the attack is stopped by the Core Cell Extractor, the machine starts to power up and functions correctly. Masato thanks Shun because they needed an explosive power to stabilize and open the dimensional gateway connecting the surface and the Core Cell to draw the Core Cells energy. Drago recognizes that the event is what he saw in his dream, and Magnus then notices the purple light emitting to the sky - the power he was after.

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