Bad Actors

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Bad Actors
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 38
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Bad Actors is the thirty-eighth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on March 30th, 2019.


Lia and Shun talk about Pegatrix evolving, while Dan is still annoyed he hasn't been able to evolve Drago, he boasts about Drago evolving several times while the real truth is Drago hasn't evolved since he fought Tiko inside of the Core Cell. Dan tries to show a video of Drago evolving (it's a fake video of a Drago drawing). Wynton, Lia, and Shun laugh at Dan's funny video. Dan then tells Drago that they need to show a real video of him evolving, Drago tells Dan they should tell the truth, Drago can't evolve, they shouldn't fake videos. Dan is interrupted by a familiar face, Duran Dane. Dan and Wynton recall Dane locking them up in his mansion, but Dane apologizes telling the two “he was only following the script”, Duran Dane was actually hired to lure them into the basement. Dan questions who hired Duran Dane, but he tells them they'd have to act his acting agent. Duran Dane says he has a favor to ask Dan he wants to battle and evolve Bakugan, also asking to show Drago's evolved form, Dan agrees.

Drago makes several attacks on Nobilious, Drago asks Nobilious why he is running away as he fought Drago last time, but Nobilious tells Drago that he was doing an act last time. The battle doesn't seem to be going as Dane's act can't seem to keep going, but Dane tells Dan that he should lose to a flashing move by Hyper Drago. Drago tells Dan he should evolve him since he claims Drago can evolve. Duran Dane then tells Nobilious to attack, admitting he knew Drago can't evolve, the scared Nobilious was all an act, and Duran Dane will get him defeating Dan and Drago on video. Duran Dane tells Nobilious to use Pyrus Laser to finish off Drago, but Dan throws a BakuCore just in time to save Drago, the two are now serious and want to defeat Dane for good. Drago uses Flame Wave and overpowers Nobilious' attack, defeating Duran Dane.

Dan apologizes to Drago for lying about him being able to evolve to Dan's friends. Duran Dane tells the AO that they shouldn't be happy, he tells them that he heard they're really chummy with Benton Dusk, and he admits that Benton Dusk hired Dane to lock Dan and Wynton in the basement, Duran Dane then runs away only to run into a fence. The AO are confused and shocked by this revelation, why would Benton hire Dane to do this, and what reason would he do so to trick them?

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Featured Brawls[edit]

  • Dan Kouzo (Drago) vs. Duran Dane (Nobilious) = Dan and Drago win