The Lost and the Cost

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The Lost and the Cost
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 14
Previous The Exit
Next Mister Moon

The Lost and the Cost is the fourteenth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It first aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on January 5th, 2019 alongside The Exit.


Trox is battling with Artulean. Lia is talking to some guy named Everett Ray, Lia talks about how using Bakugan for bad purposes is despicable, and how the AO wants to use the battlefield for good. A man comes to the land and tells the AO to leave as the land now belongs to the bank. The AO decide to raise awareness and try to raise money to save the park. Everett Ray comes and says he can help, proposing a “Bakugan League” that acts like baseball/basketball games. The stars will be The Awesome Ones. Everett wants to charge money to admission, sell videos online, make bets and rig the results. The AO doesn't want to because that's using Bakugan for bad.

China Riot appears and Everett Ray says she offered help. China battles Dan with Maxotaur, there is no result seen. Afterwards, Bakugan is banned from the town due to the commotion, a video was posted online making it seem like Dan and Drago are bad - by Everett Ray so, therefore, the AO are losing donations. Lia believes Everett has planned the whole thing so they are forced to do the Bakugan League, so she calls Everett Ray and says the AO is ready to join the league.

The exhibition match begins with Dan vs. China again, with Drago landing heavy hits on Maxotaur. China throws a BakuCore to Maxotaur but Drago's Tail Crusher causes it to miss. China gets mad and tells Maxotaur to throw the sign, but this disqualifies China - China isn't having it. Drago defeats Maxotaur, the audience cheers for Dan. China says she isn't done yet and tries to throw another Bakugan but Lia stops her.

The audience boo's Everett Ray because of the danger this battle caused, and they can't trust him, Everett tries to brush off because he wants to make money. Lia says the AO will not work with Everett, Dan tells the audience and on-camera that Bakugan shouldn't be used to make money, it is a disgrace to the bond they share with Bakugan… he then asks if the audience are real Bakugan brawlers, in order to protect the field, lend them their strength. Everett Ray laughs and says it was a cute speech but it won't help, but Wynton says donations are pouring into the website. China says it doesn't matter and offers money to the banker, but the banker says another party has bought it, the lands new owner entrusted the land to the AO. The field is now everyone's home!

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