Call Me Old Brakken

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Call Me Old Brakken
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 56
Previous In the Wild
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Call Me Old Brakken is the fifty-sixth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on August 11th, 2019 alongside In the Wild. It was released early on August 2nd on the CN App.


The Awesome Ones find out they actually made it to Brakistan, they are invited to his beautiful palace. Lord Brakken tells them that his servants will repair their airship, he brings them to his room with Awesome Ones memorabilia, including statues of them. Lord Brakken is a big fan of the AO, and reveals he was the one who invited them to the Cool Movie Grand Prix.

The AO discuss the Core Cell and ask if Lord Brakken knows anything or where it could be, but he doesn't know. Drago notices a large tree, which is a guardian tree that was said to have lived there for a long time, watching over the kingdom. Dan and the others ask about the Grand Movie Grand Prix, but it turns out the invitation was fake and wanted to meet them, Lord Brakken didn't think they would come. The AO then notice something is off about him, he runs on his own set of rules.

Lord Brakken then shows a special item, a Bakugan, Ventus Trunkanious. Lord Brakken insists on having a Bakugan battle, as Trunkanious causes damage to the palace. Brakken claims he never lost, and Dan battles him to test his strength. Drago and Trunkanious battle, Trunkanious' charging attacks are no match for Drago's stamina. Lord Brakken then gets frustrated, as every Bakugan he has faced gets defeated easily, Brakken's followers insist he is the strongest king ever. Dan tells Drago to show how a real battle is as the fight continues on. Trunkanious attacks with Ventus Charge but Drago catches the attack and throws Trunkanious into the air, defeating him due to the damage of the landing.

Lord Brakken is angry, he cannot believe he lost, and he is angry that Dan "insulted the king", so he tells Callous to arrest Dan and his friends. The brawlers are surrounded, but a statue of Wynton suddenly falls down, allowing the AO to escape. The Awesome Ones are now on the run, with Callous and the servants chasing after them to arrest them.

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