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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 8
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Pegatrix is the eighth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired on December 27th, 2018 alongside Local Heroes.


Lia disagrees with her new Bakugan Pegatrix on battle techniques.


While Gorthion is battling Cyndeous for an Awesome Ones' video, Lia suddenly hears a sound calling to her from the nearby woods. Searching for the source of the sound, she finds a white flower that gets engulfed by white goo, revealing a Haos Bakugan. This Bakugan turns into Bakugan Form, explaining that her name is Pegatrix. Meanwhile, Lia is being observed by a pink haired girl. She later receives a message from the butler of a girl named China Riot. China sends Lia an invitation to a brawl, and Lia accepts and signs the accompanying contract. Reading it over, Wynton discovers that the contract contains the clause that the "winner takes the loser's Bakugan", which Lia did not notice when she signed. Even with this new information, Lia remains undaunted about the brawl. Meeting at a strange, square stage, they are greeted by a young girl who reveals herself to be China Riot. Lia and China set the Drome, and Lia sends out Gorthion against China's Ventus Maxotaur. The two Bakugan exchange punches, and when Lia goes towards a BakuCore China touches the eye of her toy and causes a pillar to rise from the ground, stopping Lia. Maxotaur attacks with Strength of Maxotaur, and China uses her plush toy again to create a pillar that startles Gorthion, losing Lia the battle and China taking Gorthion.

Dan and Wynton challenge China to get back Gorthion, but Lia warns that China has tricks hidden within the stage. Drago and Trox brawl Maxotaur but have trouble due to China's rigged battlefield. China taunts Lia, but Pegatrix warns Lia that China's taunts are tricking her. Pegatrix tells Lia that they can use their own strategy and tap into a new type of power to defeat China. Dan struggles to find a BakuCore due to the walls moving at China's whim, but Lia uses Pegatrix who has a camera to look over the battlefield and find the Cores. Dan and Wynton each find a BakuCore, and after China discovers that Pegatrix has a camera, she orders Maxotaur to attack and finish Pegatrix until Trox and Drago's attack stops Maxotaur. A combination of the Awesome Ones' Energy Draw and Wing Cutter finishes Maxotaur. Despite losing, China refuses to hand over Maxotaur, claiming there was no contract. Lia thanks her new friend Pegatrix, and the Awesome Ones leave China's battlefield.

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