Greatest of the Kazami

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Greatest of the Kazami
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 88
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Greatest of the Kazami is the eighty-eighth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired on Cartoon Network in the United States on December 8, 2019 alongside Kazami Family Feud.


It's a confrontation between Shun and Masato, will Shun allow Goreene to be sacrificed, or will he save him? Shun is conflicted but comes to a decision to tell his father to stop using the Core Cell Extractor and set Goreene free, their combined strength is enough to stop the bad guys.

An explosion occurs, the generator starts to get damaged, Toshi is revealed to be infected by the V Virus. With this, Lord Brakken and Tripp now can pass through to attack the base with their "Mega Bakuzon". The heroes decide to split up to stop the attacks on inside and outside of the fortress. The AO and Riot (sans Shun) take on Tripp, Brakken, and the Mega Bakuzon; the Mega Bakuzon is quite strong, and Brakken calls for reinforcements to outnumber the heroes.

Inside the fortress, Toshi tries to finish off Goreene, discovering Toshi is infected by the V Virus before Shun and Masato arrive to stop them. Unfortunately for them, the Energy Extractor was destroyed. The Bakuzon outnumber the AO, with the shield not working anymore, Ichiro tries to overload the extractor to strike back at the Bakuzon.

Ichiro tells Shun and his friends not to worry, so everyone evacuates, with Keiko and Masato following after. Ichiro is left behind, he tells Shun that he has always been proud of him, he entrusts the Kazami name and apologizes for being strict on him. Ichiro ends the call telling Shun that he has to escape, and he will meet them again. The fortress is destroyed by the overloaded extractor, and Benton says that the Kazami's and the Resistance are finished as a result. The Awesome Ones, China, Koda, Keiko, and Masato have escaped, but the fates of Ichiro, Brakken, Col. Tripp, and Goreene are left unknown.

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  • Dan, Wynton, Lia, Lightning, and China vs. Brakken and Tripp (Bakuzon Army, Lupitheon, Zentaur) = No outcome