Framing Device

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Framing Device
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 37
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Framing Device is the thirty-seventh episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on March 30th, 2019.


Shun is attempting to evolve Hydorous again for Lia's new video so she can learn how to evolve her Bakugan. Lia comes home discussing with Pegatrix how to draw power from the Core Cell like Shun did earlier, she believes the video is the key. Lia notices a horse thumb drive which contains an old video of a younger Lia failing to ride a bike, crying, until her father cheers her up. Lia then continues to think about that time and says her dad is right, she needs to keep trying (to evolve her Bakugan).

Meanwhile, China Riot is trying to make Maxotaur evolve, showing the video of Hydorous evolving, but the video doesn't do the trick. China tells Jenkins to get all of Lia's recordings in order to figure out how to evolve. The next day, Lia goes back to her house because she forgot her camera. She finds out her room was broken into, her memory sticks are gone, she figures out it was China Riot, as she left a drawing of her taped in Lia's room. Back at China's place, she tells her servants to destroy the memory sticks that do not contain the evolution footage, Lia tells her to give her memory sticks back, seeing that her old videos were destroyed, including the thumb drive of the horse. Lia angrily challenges China Riot to a battle, sending out Gorthion, Pegatrix, and Cubbo. China Riot sends out her Maxotaur, alongside Webam and Fangzor. Cubbo and Gorthion charge towards Fangzor, but Cubbo is easily defeated by Fangzor's Hypno Flash.

Gorthion settles the score by using Mega Punch, crushing Webam to its defeat. Pegatrix tells Lia not to let anger blind her because she won't put a proper fight. Lia responds that she won't forgive Riot for destroying her most prized memories of her and her dad. She tells Pegatrix that whenever she watches them, she can be with him again, they let her see her dad again even though he's gone, she'll never see him again. Pegatrix tells Lia that those memories will always be inside her. She hears her father's voice and realizes that she will be okay because her memories will always be inside of her. Lia then gets a sensation and touches the BakuCore, which glows, Lia throws the BakuCore and activates Haos Evolution, evolving Pegatrix into Hyper Pegatrix. China Riot tells Maxotaur to attack the “cheating” Lia. Pegatrix uses Pegatrix Drill and easily finishes off Maxotaur and Fangzor, beating China. Lia runs to Gorthion and apologizes for not keeping a cooler head, she also thanks Pegatrix. Back with the AO, Lia tells them that Pegatrix evolved, Dan is shocked and Shun asks if she got video, but Lia says she didn't film it - she tells them they rely on videos too much, confusing them as she is the videographer.

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Featured Brawls[edit]

  • Lia Venegas (Gorthion, Pegatrix, Cubbo) vs. China Riot (Maxotaur, Webam, Fangzor) = Lia Venegas wins