Kazami's Gambit

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Kazami's Gambit
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 64
Previous A Door Closes, A Door Opens
Next A Devil on Your Shoulder

Kazami's Gambit is the sixty-fourth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on September 15th, 2019 alongside A Door Closes, A Door Opens. It was released early on August 2nd on the CN App.


The Core Cell Extractor has activated, and it has started to overload. The Awesome Ones are in shock, alongside Ichiro and his assistants. Masato tests out the power on Serpenteze, resulting in it becoming huge and surrounded by purplish energy. The power emitted by the Core Cell Extractor starts to grow, and it overloads Serpenteze, turning it back into ball form.

Drago's dream starts to become a reality, as the equipment starts to malfunction, the hanger has gotten destroyed, evacuating the island is impossible. It seems it is the end of everyone, but the Awesome Ones tell everyone that they will stop the glowing purple ball emitted from the Core Cell Extractor. The Awesome Ones are now on a mission to lower the energy to an acceptable zone to stop the overloading. Magnus then tells everyone to keep their hands off the Core Cell Extractor, he and Nillious attempt to absorb the Core Cell energy, and the energy level starts to go down. Magnus and Nillious feel their body about to burst, the power is too strong for them so they flee.

Shun then comes up with an idea to get all the Bakugan to absorb the energy and work together. The AO send out all their Bakugan to absorb the energy to stop the machine from destroying the island, with Toshi, Koda, and Keiko helping out. The power is too much for even the Awesome Ones' Bakugan, but their main partner Bakugan stick in and evolve in order to stay and absorb the energy. Even for the evolved Bakugan, all of them end up turning back into ball form except for Dan and Hyper Drago. Magnus is shocked they are still standing since he and Nillious couldn't resist. The power levels are now suitable, allowing Dan and Drago to fly towards the machine and shut it off.

The island has been saved, Masato has fled to unknown whereabouts. Ichiro thanks Shun for saving the island, and gives him a device called the "Mobile Gate". The Mobile Gate was created from a Core Cell crystal, it allows the user to enter the Maze from anywhere. Ichiro understands Shun's dream about Bakugan and humans and believes it's his destiny to make it happen. Shun thanks his father, and the Awesome Ones leave to go on their next mission.

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  • Shun Kazami (Hydorous) vs. Masato Kazami (Serpenteze) = Shun wins due to Serpenteze being overloaded by Core Cell energy