Awesome vs. AAAnimus, Part 2

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Awesome vs. AAAnimus, Part 2
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 52
Previous Awesome vs. AAAnimus, Part 1
Next The Forbidden Isle

Awesome vs. AAAnimus, Part 2 is the fifty-second episode and mid-season finale of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on May 18th, 2019 alongside Awesome vs. AAAnimus, Part 1.


The controlled Drago, Trox, Pegatrix, Howlkor, and Hydorous clash with Cyndeous, Gorthion, Lupitheon, Artulean, Phaedrus, and Vicerox. Col. Tripp then evolves his Bakugan, the evolved Bakugan are too powerful compared to the non-evolved Bakugan. Benton is attempting to hack into the system when Philomena attempts to strike a kick, attempting to stop Benton. Benton tells Philomena that he plans to overwrite the system and turn the Core Cell into an open-source generator that will prevent Bakugan not being in AAAnimus' controlled, Philomena attempts to strike Benton to stop his plans.

Col. Tripp throws a BakuCore to use Drago's Fury on Dan Kouzo himself, Dan pleads to Drago to come to his senses, Hyper Drago holds its attack, attempting to come to its senses as the Core Cell starts to glow, Benton's plan has worked, and it sends all Bakugan back to ball form, ending their control. Benton tells Philomena she underestimated the AO, but Philomena says she'll crush his dream, and shows Apollyon to Benton. The AO have got their Bakugan back, but Philomena sends out her Apollyon into battle to stop the AO. Apollyon's Sonic Shockwave easily wipes out Cyndeous, Gorthion, Artulean, and Vicerox instantly with one attack, Apollyon has been supercharged with Core Cell energy.

Drago tells Dan that he wants to battle now, with his partner, the other AO Bakugan that were freed from their control agree as well. The Awesome Ones send out their Bakugan to defeat Philomena's Apollyon, Apollyons attacks are strong and launch back the AO Bakugan. Benton discusses how Apollyon is impressive, but sooner or later his “Hydranoid” will appear too. Drago tells Dan he heard his voice when he was calling to him earlier when Drago was under control, Dan reached him with his emotions, it doesn't matter what opponent there is, as long as the AO are together their bonds are their strength. The AO evolve their Bakugan as Philomena throws a BakuCore to power up Apollyon, the power of all 5 evolved Bakugan is no match for Apollyon, who is taken down with a combined attack.

The office of the Los Volmos auditor arrives at AAAnimus HQ, telling Philomena that they were informed with serious problems with the Core Cell research activities, and they need to investigate it. The next day, a report shows AAAnimus was in violation of their contract, their Core Cell research facility has been seized and is under the authority of the city of Los Volmos, now the Core Cell can't be used for evil. The Awesome Ones ask what will happen now, and Benton tells them that the Core Cell energy released, so Core Cell energy was detected in spots around the world. Dan wonders if there are so many Core Cells, Benton says he doesn't know, but he's decided to send the Awesome Ones around the world to find this out, so its a whole new adventure for Dan and his friends!

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Featured Brawls[edit]

  • The Awesome Ones vs. Col. Armstrong Tripp = No result
  • The Awesome Ones vs. Philomena Dusk (Apollyon) = The Awesome Ones win