Origin of the Species Part 2

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Origin of Species Part 2
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 2
Previous Origin of the Species Part 1
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Origin of the Species Part 2 is the second episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired on December 23rd alongside Origin of the Species Part 1, Burger Run, and Monkey See, Monkey Don't. [1]


The episode begins in a park, where Drago and Dan prepare for battle against Lia, Wynton, and Lightning. Lia sends out Gorthion, Wynton sends out Trox, and Lightning sends out Howlkor. The four begin their Bakugan battle, causing a commotion, it looks like this is a battle, but Lia is actually recording a video. Then, the battle then truly begins, the AO throw hexagonal tiles called BakuCores, Dan and the others discovered these give Bakugan power, and that the colored tiles can have different effects. Lia believes they should tell everyone the BakuCores and Bakugan, the AO should post their discoveries online, but apparently, they weren't the only kids who found Bakugan who found at night, adults couldn't open them though. The Awesome Ones want to share their videos to build a community.

The episode then shifts to the battle that occured in the previous episode with Magnus. It's Drago vs Nillious. Nillious has the upper hand with its Pact of Darkness and Shadow Breath attacks as Drago takes heavy damage and is losing power. Dan runs to grab a BakuCore as Magnus begins to stop Dan with Nillious, but suddenly the other members of the AO appear with their Bakugan, Lia uses Pegatrix this time. Lia interviews Magnus but he gets angry, Wynton then pulls back Lia and tells her to not bother him. Magnus sends out more Bakugan, Darkus Fangzor and Webam to compensate with the disadvantage, the 1 versus 4 battle is now a 3 versus 4. Wynton uses Sonic Uproar against Webam but accidentally hits both Webam and Lia's Pegatrix. Lightning barks at Howlkor who is fighting Fangzor. Dan is struggling to get a BakuCore to Drago in a dangerous environment with all the Bakugan fighting. Dan touches Drago with the BakuCore, powering him up. Drago uses Twisting Inferno and seemingly defeats Nillious. Trox and Pegatrix attack Webam, Howlkor attacks Fangzor, Drago then finishes the two Bakugan off..

Magnus is angered about losing, then voices are heard from a pink haired girl, a blue haired adult man, and a green haired kid. Magnus is angry, claiming “he'll crush them all”. Dan asks if they're Magnus' buddies, they reply that they kind of are. These individuals came here to check the AO out as they are scouting Brawlers they want to use to see if they're good to join their ranks. Dan questions why they would join, but Magnus says they didn't "pass", Dan says he and his friends still beat Magnus fair and square. Despite the AO believing they finished Magnus off, their Bakugan weren't defeated and stand up. Magnus says their existence is threat and they don't understand their power, consider it a warning and stop posting videos. Magnus and his buddies disappear, with Dan later telling the camera s to keep an eye on the next video from The Awesome Ones. It looks like there are more people watching the AO's videos now, Magnus and his buddies, and others such as a Shun Kazami|blonde kid and a mysterious gray haired man.

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  • Most of this episode takes place sometime after the episode Pegatrix, as Lia is already in possession of Pegatrix.