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Bully for You
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 5
Previous Monkey See, Monkey Don't
Next Trolling for Laughs

Bully for You is the fifth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired on December 26th 2018 alongside Trolling for Laughs at 7am ET.


The Rowdy Reds lose a battle to a kid named Marco Chezanello and his mighty Bakugan Cyndeous. Cyndeous slams his sword and Marco declares the park belongs to him.

In the Awesome Ones' Studio, Dan is proclaiming how "awesome" he is because he saved the burger joint and taught kids to follow the rules. Lia and Wynton are annoyed at Dan boasting himself as the #1 hero of the AO. Maggie and Mac they ask for help because Marco and his Bakugan took over the park, kicked them out, and hurt their Bakugan. Lia mentions about how Marco is the town's biggest bully. The two members of the Reds ask Dan for help, Lia and Wynton encourage Dan to because he's “the hero”.

The AO arrive at the park Marco took over to find Max with Marco, Max has “gone to the dark side” and the other Rowdy Reds wonder why. Marco tells the AO and 2 Rowdy Reds to bow, and if they defy him Cyndeous will hurt them. Cyndeous questions Marco why he is threatening them. Dan defies Marco and wants to take back the park, challenging Marco to a battle. Before Drago can transform from ball to Bakugan form, Cyndeous swings his sword and sends a gust knocking Drago back and Dan runs to find him. Lia and Wynton enter the battle now, knowing not to fall for Marco's tricks.

Dan searches for Marco, Drago is stuck in a birds nest. Trox and Gorthion run to attack Cyndeous but end up falling in a trap. Marco commands a reluctant Cyndeous to use Sword Barrage, Marco yells at Cyndeous to follow his orders because he's his partner and he must follow him. Cyndeous grunts and then chooses to attack after he is forced to. Gorthion and Trox are hurt, Marco commands Cyndeous to attack Lia and Wynton; Max is shocked that Marco would do this. Cyndeous once again is reluctant to attack because he doesn't want to do it, it is an unfair fight and it is wrong. Marco yells and Cyndeous can't handle it, he sends flames into the air which crash down near Lia, Wynton, Mac, and Maggie. Mac and Maggie are about to get hit by a flame when Drago returns and saves them, Dan and Drago return to the battle.

An angry Cyndeous continues to throw attacks hammering Drago. Max is angry at Marco because he isn't thanking Drago for saving him. Gorthion and Trox then return after they escaped from the pit. Drago attacks Cyndeous, who just chooses to use his shield, Marco is angry and wants Cyndeous to continue fighting. Cyndeous doesn't want to fight the battle because it isn't fair. Dan notices that Marco is acting like himself earlier, Dan proclaimed himself as high and mighty and wanted total loyalty. Dan tells Drago to end the battle, later he apologizes to Wynton and Lia for what he said in their studio, Max also apologizes for siding with Marco.

Cyndeous tells Marco that Dan and Drago have the right idea, which causes Marco to be mad and leaves, saying he dumps Cyndeous. Cyndeous tells Dan that his words expressed how he feels and asks him if he can be his partner, Dan agrees and now Cyndeous becomes his next partner.

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