Midsummer Nightmare

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Midsummer Nightmare
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 24
Previous Fathers and Friends
Next Dawn Before Dusk, Part 1

Midsummer Nightmare is the twenty-fourth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on February 9th, 2019 alongside Fathers and Friends.


Dan talks about his dream about a giant hamburger that tried to eat him. Pegatrix then goes up to Lia and sees her doing science homework, which is about genes, she notices DNA on the computer, but this also attracts the attention of the other AO Bakugan, who feel drawn to the image. At night, Drago tells Dan good night, as the AO and their Bakugan go to bed; Meanwhile, a golden light emits in the forest, a Bakugan ball flies into the sky, revealing a golden bird Bakugan. Drago begins to hear the voice of the golden Bakugan in his sleep, he rolls out of his “bed” and leaves Dan's house to find the voice, but the other AO Bakugan do so as well.

As the Bakugan continue to roll, Drago runs into a tree and wakes up, wondering what he is doing outside of the house, he spots dozens of Bakugan in ball form rolling towards some sort of path, he notices his friends like Trox are there too and wakes him up. Drago finds the other AO Bakugan and wakes them up. The AO Bakugan watch the dozens of Bakugan rolling and see the golden bird Bakugan fly, Gorthion and Pegatrix recall they've seen it before. They discover that the golden Bakugan is leading them to the site of the Great Collision, Drago remembers this is the location he first wakes up. Suddenly, the AO Bakugan turn into closed ball form and fly into the sky, the balls form a strand of DNA.

Drago wakes up in an unknown location with the AO Bakugan, Pegatrix tells Drago that their fate depends on “this battle”, Hydorous then tells everyone that “it's here”. The AO spot a mysterious shadow dragon creature, its unleashes a powerful attack that launches all of the AO Bakugan back. They find that this shadow creature has gotten the Core Cell, wondering if they can stop the creature. The golden bird Bakugan re-appears and tells them that there is a way to stop them, trust her, but the Bakugan will be put in a deep sleep, Drago trusts the Bakugan because it's their only chance they will save everything. A light emerges from the ground and swallows everyone, then Drago wakes up outside near the AO Studio early in the morning. Dan asks what his dream is about, but he said it was very important. Meanwhile, underground, hexagons appear at the Great Collision site alongside the glowing red eyes of the shadow nightmare creature from Drago's dreams.

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