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Local Heroes
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 7
Previous Trolling for Laughs
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Local Heroes is the seventh episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired on December 27th 2018 alongside Pegatrix.


After the AO cause accidental destruction, Dan's parents question whether the kids should be allowed to keep their Bakugan.


Dan and Drago are battling Lightning and Howlkor when Drago is launched back, and in his ball form, breaks a house's window. While all this is happening, a mysterious woman is seen watching Dan.

At Dan's home, Drago takes the blame for the window breaking, but Dan takes credit for it too. The doorbell rings and a woman called Ms. Kravitz introduces herself as the Kouzo family's new neighbor. She tells Bill and Barbara Kouzo that Bakugan are a menace and that they should be banned. Bill Kouzo says banning Bakugan may be going too far, but Kravitz uses a strange device to cause Drago to go into his large Bakugan Form, destroying the house and causing the Kouzo family to doubt their previous thoughts.

The next day "Ban Bakugan" posters begin showing up around Los Volmos, which Dan, Wynton, and Lia notice. Later, Trox and Gorthion are brawling and Trox is launched near a car but transforms back to Ball Form to prevent damage. Suddenly, Trox's Ball Form malfunctions and Trox transforms into Bakugan Form, damaging the car. Afterwards, Lia is ordering a cake with Gorthion when he suddenly turns from Ball Form to Bakugan Form. These incidents cause the civilians to begin distrusting Bakugan, and they start a protest to ban Bakugan. Additionally, they declare brawling in the park is banned.

Because of this sudden change, the Awesome Ones look for another place to brawl, but discover that all the other brawlers have had the same idea, with everyone trying to brawl in one location. Kravitz shows up once again and declares that Bakugan brawling is banned in this location as well. At Studio D, Lia worries that they are losing ViewTube followers because of the Bakugan ban. They try to recreate a dioramic movie using the Bakugan in ball forms, but Kravitz, hidden in the brush, again forces the Bakugan into their full Bakugan forms. This causes the neighborhood to rise up again because of the damage, and Kravitz declares that all Bakugan are banned again for good, to which the entire neighborhood agrees.

Meanwhile, Benton Dusk watches Kravitz taking away the Bakugan from the Awesome Ones, and causes a satellite to fall out of its orbit and head towards Los Volmos. Veronica Venegas reports on this, altering the Awesome Ones. Lia and Wynton pack up quickly to evacuate, but Dan believes they can use the Bakugan to save the city. As Kravitz is leaving Los Volmos, she is confronted by the AO, and refuses to give the Bakugan back. In this confrontation, she accidentally drops the device that has been messing with the Bakugan, activating the Bakugan inside her case. This reveals the truth, that she is using a device to control the forms of the Bakugan. Kravitz flees, and the Awesome Ones begin using their Bakugan to help evacuate people out of the city. Meanwhile, Dan and Drago fly towards the falling satellite, and Drago uses Twisting Inferno, destroying the satellite. After the city is saved, they see the truth about the Bakugan, and tear down the anti-Bakugan propaganda. Back at their base, Kravitz reports to a woman named Ms. Philomena, explaining how she had everything according to plan until the satellite started to fall. Philomena explains to Kravitz that the Awesome Ones may be causing her more trouble than she thought.

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