Bill Kouzo

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Bill Kouzo
Bill Kouzo full.jpg
Race Human
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Bakugan None
First appearance Burger Run
Voiced by Rob Tinkler


Bill Kouzo is a character who appears in Bakugan Battle Planet. He is the father of Dan Kouzo and the husband to Barbara Kouzo.



Bill Kouzo is the father of Awesome Ones member Dan Kouzo, and the husband of Barbara Kouzo.



Bakugan Battle Planet[edit]

Although many of Dan's adventures take place without his parents, they still care for their son. This is shown through things like leaving him food money while they are out.[1]

Bill and Barbara return, cooking dinner for their family when Kravitz knocks on their door, introducing herself under a fake premise: as a neighbor who recently moved into Los Volmos. Kravitz asks if the couple has heard of Bakugan, and after hearing that they had, presents herself as an anti-Bakugan activist. When Kravitz's statements about Bakugan are rebutted by the Kouzos, she uses technology from AAAnimus Inc to force Drago out of ball from, destroying the roof of their house. Kravitz manages to trick them into thinking that Bakugan pose a danger to society, by using technology from AAAnimus Inc to force Bakugan out of their ball forms at inconvenient times. Bill and Barbara initially force the Awesome Ones to surrender their Bakugan, but after later seeing them rescue civilians and destroy the plummeting satellite caused by Benton Dusk, he realizes that Bakugan are not actually dangerous, and helps destroy the anti-Bakugan propaganda Kravitz was spreading across Los Volmos.[2]