Dawn Before Dusk, Part 2

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Dawn Before Dusk, Part 2
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 26
Previous Dawn Before Dusk, Part 1
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Dawn Before Dusk, Part 2 is the twenty-sixth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on February 16th, 2019 alongside Dawn Before Dusk, Part 1.


The AO ride in the car with the gray-haired man and realize that this man is actually the brilliant multi-millionaire inventor, Benton Dusk of Dusk Industries. The AO sit with Benton in his office so Benton can privately speak with them. Dan asks several questions about the spies, the door, and why the Awesome Ones were being watched. Benton understands how they feel, commenting on how they have gotten lots of attention from brawlers, government agencies, and businesses. The reason for their attention is because Dan was the first to introduce Bakugan into the world, Bakugan was already discovered before this, but nobody was able to figure out what the strange balls were until the AO showed what the Bakugan were when they posted their videos online.

Kids born after the Great Collision are able to partner with Bakugan, but others are trying to gain that power through technology, some people have had success such as a woman named Philomena. Benton reveals Philomena is of the people who are hassling the AO, the people like Kravitz, the Exit, Magnus, and the ones who are spying like Kurin. These people are actually agents of Philomena's powerful business empire - AAAnimus. Benton takes the AO to his laboratory to show something, Benton shows off the door they have seen before, which is actually a gate to a subterranean tunnel he nicknamed “The Maze”. Benton talks about how he has researched Bakugan for a long time, he wants to prevent Bakugan from being used for bad things, he wants Dan and co. to come with him to stop AAAnimus. The AO argue and come to a decision, agreeing that they have no other way to stop Kurin, so they need to go with Benton to stop AAAnimus Inc.

The AO and Benton arrive in The Maze and go towards a gate which leads to the AAAnimus Secret Base, Benton goes to erase the data while the AO go to distract the guards, they realize that the house they are in is the same house Duran Dane lived in. They confront Kurin once again and battle him, this time Kurin has soldiers equipped with weapons to back him up. The Awesome Ones use BakuCores to unleash powerful attacks against Kurin's Bakugan team, finishing them off once again. The soldiers attempt to attack the AO and their Bakugan until Benton stops the battle, telling them that he has erased all the data they have, including the battle strategy documents. A hologram then appears, showing Philomena Dusk, Benton reveals that not only does she run AAAnimus, but she is also Benton's brother. Philomena tells the AO that she will get their Bakugan eventually through many ways, but Dan tells Philomena that she won't get away with her evil plans, Philomena's hologram vanishes, alongside the AAAnimus grunts. While AAAnimus escaped, the data they had was erased, Benton asks Dan if he will help him fight for the Bakugan, which Dan agrees because he wants to help all the Bakugan.

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  • The Awesome Ones vs. Kurin = The Awesome Ones win