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BakuEvolution packs on the right and left, BakuTrinity in the middle

BakuEvolutions are the Mechtanium Surge version of the Bakugan Brawler Evolution Packs. The BakuEvolutions Series is a specially packaged BakuTrinity set that will only be available in two versions, Good (Pyrus) and Evil (Darkus). Each set contains a Bakugan hero/villain from past seasons revamped with die-cast metal detailing and DNA Codes. BakuEvolutions Packs are a Canadian Walmart Exclusive.

There are also BakuEvolution packs that are labeled either as BakuHero or BakuVillain, and the European release included BakuGold Bakugan in them as well.

Known BakuEvolutions[edit]




  • Due to the release of the BakuEvolutions, at least one Bakugan from every season has a DNA code.
    • Dragonoid, Alpha Hydranoid.
    • Neo Dragonoid, Cyborg Helios, etc.
    • Helix Dragonoid, Dharak, etc.
    • Titanium Dragonoid, Razenoid, etc.
  • Viper Helios, Dragonoid and Dharak are the only unevolved Bakugan in the Mechtanium Surge BakuEvolutions packs.
  • Helix Dragonoid and Dharak can still use Battle Gear.
  • Cyborg Helios and Viper Helios are the only Evil Bakugan with different attributes from their anime form, likely in reference to Infinity Helios who appeared in the Mechtanium Surge anime.
  • They seemed to have problems when you enter them on Bakugan Dimensions, except for Alpha Hydranoid.