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BakuBlaster is a European-exclusive product in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge that shoots out a G-Power Bonus disk when the Bakugan is activated. Their size is a little bigger than the normal Bakugan, which is 36mm. It comes with one BakuBlaster, two projectile discs (with G-Power boosts), one Metal Gate Card and one Ability Card. Though there were plans to, these products were never released in North America but instead saw some release in Europe.[1]


BakuBlaster promo PR.jpg

Get ready to face off and take aim against your opponent with the newest and most exciting Bakugan of all time. Bakublasters! For the first time ever you can blast your opponent in battle with auto-firing Bakudiscs. Each disc reveals an added G-power bonus that can make you the most powerful Brawler on the planet. Roll, transform and blast your way to victory!


The BakuDisc is the distinguishing feature of the BakuBlasters. These are plastic disks have additional G-Powers written on them, and are shot out of a BakuBlaster when it activates. Certain cards allow for special effects to activate should a BakuDisc hit a standing opponent Bakugan.

List of BakuBlaster Bakugan[edit]