Fifth Paladin

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Fifth Paladin
Attribute Darkus Darkus

First appearance The Final Brawl

The Fifth Paladin is a five-in-one army created by Hal-G, which served as protection for Naga during the last fight against Drago.



Bakugan Battle Brawlers[edit]

The Fifth Paladin were used by Hal-G in The Final Brawl and GAME OVER to help defend Naga from Drago's attacks, which were slowly overwhelming him. They were later defeated by the Fighting Bakugan, and their remains were absorbed by Naga for extra power.

Ability Cards
  • Magnum Ulysses
  • Plate Harrier


  • A noticeable fact is that when it is thrown by Hal-G, the Bakugan come out of Hal-G's staff which shoots five dark beams (the fifth being on the other side).
  • The Fifth Paladin is the only Bakugan, except Sky & Gaia Dragonoid, to have a part of its ball form detach when standing.
  • The Fifth Paladin have a remarkable resemblance to Coredem in Bakugan form.
  • It opens in ball form similarly to Robotallion.