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Attribute Aquos / Ventus hybrid
Attribute Variations Subterra, Aquos
First appearance A Fish Called Tayghen
Voiced by Ayumi Fujimura

Tayghen, Shiltis (シルティス, Shirutisu?) in the Japanese version, is an Aquos/Ventus hybrid Bakugan, though her appearance leans towards her Aquos side.



Tayghen was created by negative energy in the merged worlds of Aquos and Ventus. The upper half of her body is that of a human girl wearing a dress with very long sleeves and her lower half is that of a giant sea monster. She often overestimates herself.

Complementing her brother Hairadee, Tayghen prefers swimming to flying and uses her Aquos abilities more often than her Ventus ones. Her monstrous lower body might also be a metaphor for her personality, because although her human form looks gentle and innocent, she is quite vicious with a very irritable personality that is so poor-tempered that she will lash out at pretty much anything.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers[edit]

Tayghen appears when the brawlers first enter Vestroia. Initially, she seemed to just be a girl until she revealed her lower half. She and Hairadee face the Brawlers until Shun and Marucho step up to fight them. Marucho soundly defeats her in an underwater battle and hurls her onto shore. However, this proves disastrous, as her Ventus abilities made her far from helpless out of water. Eventually, Shun and Marucho defeat her and Hairadee by teaming up and sending them flying.

Tayghen returns, attacking the human world with Naga's forces until Marucho fights her. Marucho has trouble overcoming Tayghen's double attribute ability until the JJ Dolls appear. The battle continues at a stalemate until Marucho pulls the Aquos quadruple combo. Tayghen is completely overwhelmed by the incredible power of it. Her fate afterwards is unknown.

Ability Cards
  • Aquos Cyclone: Subtracts 100 Gs from each opponent and adds 200 Gs to Tayghen. (Aquos)
  • Aquos Shot Gun: (Aquos)
  • Blast Mirage: (Aquos)
  • Poseidon Tornado: (Aquos)
  • Aquos Bow Jet: (Aquos)
  • Blow Away: Move the opponent to another Gate Card. (Ventus)
  • Solar Plexus: Nullifies the Gate Card, and subtracts 50 Gs from the opponent. (Ventus)

Trading Card Game[edit]

Image Card Name Card Type Card Series
BA334 AB water shutdown 43d.png
Water Shutdown Green Ability Card 43/48d


Opponent Episode Outcome
Dan, Runo, Julie, Marucho, and Shun (tag with Hairadee) 41 Lose
Komba 45 Win
Marucho and JJ Dolls 46 Lose


  • She has a diamond on her forehead that looks similar to the Perfect Core.
  • She is one of the few Bakugan that never had a ball form in the anime or as a toy, but sold as a figure.