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Dual Attribute Bakugan have two Attributes. These Bakugan can choose which one of their attributes they want to use when a battle begins. It is after this that attribute changing effects such as Clear and Translucent are used.

A Dual Attribute Bakugan is a Bakugan with the coloration and thus the attribute of two elements. They are considered Special Treatment Bakugan. When a Dual Attribute Bakugan is played, the player must pick between one of the two attributes for their Bakugan to become once the Gate Card is revealed during battle.

Despite there being several "Dual Attribute" Bakugan in the Anime, none of them have appeared as figures in the actual game and most of the Dual-Attribute Bakugan that have been released are the six Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia, Wavern and Naga.

In Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge, BakuMutants, which are very similar to the original Dual Attribute ones, were released. These Bakugan, like the Dual Attribute ones, were of two attributes you could chose from when a battle had begun.

In the Anime[edit]

Dual Attribute Bakugan are called "Dual-Hybrid Gatekeepers" in the Anime. They were formed by Negative Energy due to the collision of two of Vestroia's worlds with their job being to protect Naga. These hybrids come in three combinations. Aquos-Ventus, Haos-Subterra and Pyrus-Darkus. These Bakugan originally stayed in Vestroia to defeat and imprison Bakugan but when Naga journeyed to Earth, they did as well, getting defeated one by one by the Battle Brawlers.

The Hybrid Bakugan, unlike the Dual-Attribute Bakugan found in the game, are more like cruel mockeries of their mixed attributes with appearances far more unusual than other Bakugan before them, as the Brawler's Bakugan testify. Along with their twisted bodies, they also seem to have warped personalities; they might be exceptionally cruel or irritable or even wildly immature or violent. There is no doubt that they are powerful, however, as each by themselves is a match for a brawler and can even hold their own against three powerful brawlers at once when fighting seriously. Many of them live alone on the planes they were created on with only their counterpart to keep them company. The Ventus/Aquos Bakugan have tempestuous personalities and seem indifferent towards each other while the Subterra/Haos Bakugan are more mellow and are as close as sisters. The Darkus/Pyrus Bakugan have regal and chaotic moods and somehow managed to summon an army to their realm, a trait unique to their world.

Hybrid Bakugan[edit]

In the Game[edit]

Dual Attribute Bakugan were released in BakuSwap.