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Attribute Subterra, Pyrus, Haos
Power 380 Gs

First appearance A Perfect Match

Tuskor, Elephant (エレファント, Erefanto?) in the Japanese version, is an elephant-like Bakugan that has large ears and two pairs of tusks.



Tuskor is an armored elephant like creature. It uses its immense trunk to crush its opponents. The tip of the massive trunk has multiple spikes. Four strong horned tusks can penetrate any armor. The end of the tail has a sharp needle to attack opponents.

Bakugan Official Handbook[edit]

Tuskor will come barreling at any challenger, baring its two large and lethal tusks. An Ability Card called Nose Slap allows Tuskor to battle a Bakugan standing on another Gate Card.

Bakugan: Ultimate Handbook[edit]

This massive mammoth-like Bakugan has dangerous spikes on the end of its long trunk. It uses its trunk as a weapon to smash its foes. Tuskor can also attack with her four huge tusks, which can penetrate any armor.


In the anime, Dan Kuso is seen using a Pyrus Tuskor against Joe. Also, Julie Makimoto and Billy Gilbert had Subterra Tuskors. Runo Misaki had a Haos Tuskor. Julie Makimoto's Tuskor was sent to Doom Dimension by Komba O'Charlie's El Condor. In episodes 15 and 19, Billy Gilbert sent Julie Makimoto's Subterra Tuskor to the Doom Dimension.

Ability Cards
  • Nose SlapTuskor can attack any Bakugan on any part of the field. (Subterra, Pyrus)
  • Rapid Haos: Brings another Haos Bakugan into the battle. (Haos)
  • Grand Slide: Moves a Gate Card to any area on the field. (Subterra)