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1-48 is the first card series for Bakugan Battle Brawlers.

Number Image Card Name Color Card Type
1/48 BA133 GA SM firepit F.png Fire Pit Silver Gate Card
2/48 BA134 GA SM muddyground F.png Muddy Ground Silver Gate Card
3/48 BA135 GA SM lightburst F.png Light-Burst Silver Gate Card
4/48 BA136 GA SM tsunami F.png Tsunami Silver Gate Card
5/48 BA137 GA SM dusk F.png Dusk Silver Gate Card
6/48 BA138 GA SM highenergy F.png High Energy Silver Gate Card
7/48 BA139 GA SM tornadoalley F.png Tornado Alley Silver Gate Card
8/48 BA140 GA SM whirlpool F.png Whirlpool Silver Gate Card
9/48 BA141 GA SM gargonoid F.png Gargonoid Gold Gate Card
10/48 BA142 GA SM manion F.png Manion Gold Gate Card
11/48 BA143 GA SM mantris F.png Mantris Gold Gate Card
12/48 BA144 GA SM terrorclaw F.png Terrorclaw Gold Gate Card
13/48 BA145 GA SM cycloid F.png Cycloid Gold Gate Card
14/48 BA146 GA SM hynoid F.png Hynoid Gold Gate Card
15/48 BA147 GA SM teamwork F.png Teamwork Gold Gate Card
16/48 BA148 GA SM tuskor F.png Tuskor Gold Gate Card
17/48 BA149 GA SM catchup F.png Catch-Up Copper Gate Card
18/48 BA150 GA SM duckwin F.png Duck & Win Copper Gate Card
19/48 BA151 GA SM gpowerxchange F.png G-Power Exchange Copper Gate Card
20/48 BA152 GA SM standoff F.png Stand Off Copper Gate Card
21/48 BA153 GA SM bakuganswap.png Bakugan Swap Copper Gate Card
22/48 BA154 GA SM cardforce F.png Card Force Copper Gate Card
23/48 BA155 GA SM pounce F.png Pounce Copper Gate Card
24/48 BA156 GA SM standground F.png Stand Your Ground Copper Gate Card
25/48 BA157 AB SM maruchothrow F.png Marucho's Throw Red Ability Card
26/48 BA158 AB SM juliethrow F.png Julie's Throw Red Ability Card
27/48 BA159 AB SM runothrow F.png Runo's Throw Red Ability Card
28/48 BA160 AB SM shunthrow F.png Shun's Throw Red Ability Card
29/48 BA161 AB SM masqthrow F.png Masquerade's Throw Red Ability Card
30/48 BA162 AB SM danthrow F.png Dan's Throw Red Ability Card
31/48 BA163 AB SM evilpower F.png Evil Power Red Ability Card
32/48 BA164 AB SM rikimarosurprise F.png Rikimaro's Surprise Red Ability Card
33/48 BA165 AB SM brightlight F.png Bright Light Blue Ability Card
34/48 BA166 AB SM gpowerboost F.png G-Power Boost Blue Ability Card
35/48 BA167 AB SM gpowerbump F.png G-Power Bump Blue Ability Card
36/48 BA168 AB SM blaze F.png Blaze Blue Ability Card
37/48 BA169 AB SM homefieldadv F.png Home Advantage Blue Ability Card
38/48 BA170-AB-SM-powerdarkness-F.png Power from Darkness Blue Ability Card
39/48 BA171 AB SM predictableopp F.png Predictable Opponent Blue Ability Card
40/48 BA172 AB SM summonwave F.png Summon Wave Blue Ability Card
41/48 BA173 AB SM pyrus F.png Pyrus Green Ability Card
42/48 BA174 AB SM siegeswitch F.png Siege Switch Green Ability Card
43/48 BA175 AB SM helpfromfriends F.png Help From Friends Green Ability Card
44/48 BA176 AB SM aquos F.png Aquos Green Ability Card
45/48 BA177 AB SM darkus F.png Darkus Green Ability Card
46/48 BA178 AB SM doomcard F.png Doom Card Green Ability Card
47/48 BA179 AB SM subterra F.png Sub Terra Green Ability Card
48/48 BA180 AB SM haos F.png Haos Green Ability Card