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Pearl Bakugan are Bakugan that at the beginning of battle can either choose to gain their regular Gate Attribute Bonus or a highlighted one. They have pearl white as their main color and outlined with their original Attribute body color. Original Pearl Bakugan were first found in BakuTins, and also were present in Special Attack packs. Besides the regular one, there are two more types of Pearl Bakugan which function with no differences, namely BakuFrost and Crimson and Pearl. During gameplay, these Bakugan have the option of taking the highlighted Gate bonus instead of their normal Gate Attribute bonus. Mechtanium Surge presented BakuSpark Treatment, which looked really similiar to Pearl treatment. Despite that, they are normal bakugan for game and don't have any special features.



BakuFrost Aquos Atmos

Frost Bakugan are Pearl Bakugan with glittered and more yellowish white body compared with the usual one. They also have silver highlights instead of highlights in their Attribute color, however, sometimes a small part of highlight in regular secondary color is kept. They were only released in B3 series.

Crimson and Pearl[edit]

Crimson and Pearl Bakugan are Pearl Bakugan having red body color and white and sometimes dark metallic gray highlight. They were exclusive to Target. In Gundalian Invaders Wave 1, all Crimson and Pearls were Pyrus. In Gundalian Invaders Wave 3, they made in multiple attributes including Ventus, Haos, and Subterra. Bakugan that were available in Crimson and Pearl treatment are Dharak, Strikeflier, Avior, Helix Dragonoid, Lythirus, Rubanoid, Contestir, and Hawktor.

Bakugan Dimensions[edit]

All Crimson and Pearl Bakugan, regardless of their printed attribute in the game, will appear as Pyrus.


Main article: BakuSpark

Pearl-like Bakugan from Mechtanium Surge. They are made of pearl white plastic and have secondary colors being Attribute primary one, with black highlights. These bakugan aren't treated as Pearl bakugan in the game