Fear Ripper

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Fear Ripper
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Attribute Pyrus, Darkus, Haos, Aquos, Subterra, Ventus
Power 380 Gs


Fear Ripper, Shredder (シュレッダー, Shureddā?) in the Japanese version, is a humanoid Bakugan with large, extending claws.


Bakugan.com (outdated)[edit]

The Fear Ripper is swift and deadly with its giant blades, performing their dirty work undercover. They are chameleons, capable of changing into fire, earth, light, water or wind. A complicated Bakugan that never reveals its true identity, the Fear Ripper Class are oddly shy, however, still charming and funny.[1]


The negative energies of the silent core have taken over Fear Ripper's power of reason. Fear Ripper uses its sharp and big claws, which are triple the size of its head, for cutting and slashing its enemies. It is a chameleon, capable of changing into fire, earth, light, water or wind and never reveals its true identity.[2]

Bakugan Official Handbook[edit]

Fear Ripper is built to attack-its hands are sharp, giant blade. And Fear Ripper knows exactly how to use them. On the field, he attacks swiftly and ferociously.

Bakugan: Ultimate Handbook[edit]

Fear Ripper gets its name from its monstrous claws. Each one is three times bigger than its head! Fear Ripper can use them to slash its enemies on the battlefield.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers[edit]

It is commonly used by evil characters, such as Tatsuya, who owned a Pyrus one. Julio had a Haos Fear Ripper, but was sent to the Doom Dimension by Masquerade. Jenny had an Aquos Fear Ripper. A Subterra Fear Ripper is seen in the opening. Ryo owned a Darkus Fear Ripper, and so did Kosuke. A Ventus one was seen in a tin in Runo Rules along with some other Bakugan.

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[edit]

In End of the Line, the Darkus Fear Ripper from BAKUGAN THE BATTLE BEGINS is seen in a flashback.

Ability Cards
  • Slash Zero: Adds 80 Gs to Fear Ripper. (Darkus)

Physical Game[edit]

There has been a limited edition Gold colored Haos Fear Ripper, making it one out of the only three Limited edition Bakugan. There were only 300 produced. It was also sold as a Keychain. In Japan, its Aquos version in BCV-06 comes with 220 or 400 Gs.

In the first video game, Fear Ripper is available in all attributes. When purchased, it starts with 270 Gs. At the beginning of the game, before introducing Tigrerra, Runo uses a Haos Fear Ripper as her Guardian Bakugan. Several of the other Brawlers also use Fear Rippers in a few of the tournaments. By the end of the game, Fear Ripper is mostly seen in decks used by Marduk or Masquerade.

Element G-Power(s)
 Pyrus: 300 Gs
 Aquos: 450 Gs (BakuLyte)
 Subterra: 540 Gs
 Haos: 310 Gs
 Darkus: 390 Gs, 450 Gs, 470 Gs
 Ventus: N/A
 Clear: N/A


  • It is stated on Bakugan.com that Fear Ripper is able to change into different attributes.