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Druman with Wings.jpg
Attribute Pyrus / Darkus hybrid
First appearance Next Stop Naga-Ville
Voiced by Yoshinori Sonobe

Druman, Keble (キーブル, Kīburu?) in the Japanese version, is a Pyrus and Darkus hybrid Bakugan. His body is a little bit more Pyrus than Darkus and his wings are more Darkus than Pyrus. His wings are hand with eyes on them and has a reptilian body.

He, with Centorrior, are sent by Naga to oppose Dan and the Battle Brawlers. Druman is the more battle happy of the two.



Bakugan Battle Brawlers[edit]

Druman and Centorrior are first seen in the joint Pyrus-Darkus world when they chased away an army of Darkus Gargonoids from Dan and Drago, revealing shortly after that the only reason the did what they did was so they could fight him themselves. Nova Lion wisks them away before the fight can begin, but Centorrior and Druman found them anyway and started the fight again. The second time Centorrior is able to fatally wound Nova Lion and once again Dan and Drago flee. When Dan and Drago are found they fight for another time, with both of them captured this time so they could not run. After they receive some back up in the form of Masquerade and Alpha Hydranoid they and an army of Darkus Gargonoids and Pyrus Serpenoids were defeated due to Masquerade's plan, using Drago as a decoy and Hydranoid as a long-range attacker.

Later, he, along with Naga's other servants, go to Earth and attack. Some earth children try to fight him and at first gain the upper hand, but Naga helps all the hybrids win their battles.

After the other four hybrids are defeated, he and Centorrior fight the Brawlers. Although he puts up a good fight, he is eventually destroyed by Blade Tigrerra.

He usually uses abilities that either weaken his opponent or reflect his opponent's attack.

Ability Cards
  • Vortex Dark Flame: (Pyrus/Darkus)
  • Pyrus Reflector: Reflects any Pyrus Ability. (Pyrus)
  • Eyes of Destruction: Nullifies the opponent's ability (Darkus)
  • Eclipse Assault: Absorbs the opponent's Ability. (Darkus)
  • Destroy Force Down: (Darkus)
  • Fire Tornado: Transfers 100 Gs from the opponent to Druman. (Pyrus)
  • Grand Down: Nullifies the opponent's Gate Card. (Darkus)
  • Dark Eye Superior: Nullifies the opponent's ability. (Darkus)


  • Druman's wings are similar to the Angel of Death's in Hellboy II the Golden Army as well as Sasuke Uchiha's wings in Naruto.
  • If you look closely, it looks like his "wings" are grabbing his shoulders.
  • In the Japanese version, Druman's voice is slightly sound like Shadow Prove, even though Shadow was voiced by a different voice actor.


Opponent Episode Outcome
Gargonoid (tag with Centorrior) 43 Win
Dan, Nova Lion, and Masquerade (tag with Centorrior) 43-44 Win (against Nova Lion)
Lose (against Dan and Masquerade)
Klaus (tag with Hairadee) 45 Win
Dan, Runo, Marucho, Julie, Klaus, Julio, Billy, and Komba (tag with Centorrior) 50-51 Lose