Series 2

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Series 2
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Subterra Tuskor, one of Series 2 Bakugan
General information
Series Number 2
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Series 2 was the second wave of Bakugan products released. It is the final wave that had 28mm Bakugan.

There have been tests made by Spin Master in this Series which resulted in a special Pearl Treatment, using the same grayish-blue accent paint regardless of the attribute, compared to the previous Pearl Bakugan which had their main attribute color as accent. This treatment was dropped in the following series. It might have been the inspiration for the later Frost treatment. It is of note that some Haos Pearl Bakugan have been released with similar grayish-blue accent paint instead of the Series 1 pure silver paint. However, the inside paint applications on these Series 2 outliers were always done correctly to the shown attribute (e.g. green for Pyrus), so a simple "wrong attribute symbol" explanation would be baseless. (Source?)

Due to it being so early in Bakugan's lifespan, frequent errors were still being worked out, such as wrong G Power printed (Series 2 is the originator of the B1 830G error, which was intended to be 380G), parts installed wrong (B1 Sieges in Series 2 came with inverted feet frequently), upside-down attribute symbol applications and wrong cards provided in packs (Such as not sticking to the "one of each type" rule in the Starter Packs, instead having them randomised which made the starter packs unplayable and, more egregious, still mistakingly packing Series 2 Bakugan products with HSP-era Gate Cards).

Bakugan Introduced[edit]