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Attribute Haos Haos
Power 370 Gs
First appearance The Story of Vestroia

Tentaclear, Flashal (フラッシャル, Furassharu?) in the Japanese version, is a Bakugan with the Haos Attribute, and is Julio Santana's Partner Bakugan. It is a hovering eye with six tentacles around it.



Tentaclear is an enormous chilling single eye emitting a shining beam to blind its enemy. Six lethal stinging tentacles surround the eye as it hovers in battle.

Bakugan Official Handbook[edit]

One eye is all Tentaclear needs. It shoots a blazing laser beam from its single eye, blinding its opponents. Then this Bakugan uses its tentacles to deliver punishing blows to its stunned enemy.

Bakugan: Ultimate Handbook[edit]

This Bakugan has its eye on you! It's one giant eyeball with six tentacles around it. The eyeball can emit a shining beam of light to blind its enemy. And each of the tentacles can deliver a sharp sting.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers[edit]

Tentaclear is unable to speak, perhaps because of his lack of a mouth. This proves to be a bad thing for Julio Santana because Harpus was making fun of him and Tentaclear couldn't speak for either side.

Ability Cards
  • Flare Blinder (Tentaclear Blinder): Tentaclear can nullify any Gate Card or Ability Card.
  • Haos Stasis: If there are three Haos Bakugan on the field, with the one being Tentaclear, adds 100 Gs to Tentaclear and he can reuse any ability he already used.
  • Mega Flare Blinder (Merge Flare Blinder): Tentaclear can nullify any Gate Card or Ability Card and adds 100 Gs to Tentaclear.
  • Solar Ray: Adds 100 Gs to Tentaclear.
  • Haos Freeze Attack (Haos Freeze): Nullifies all of the opponent's abilities, stops time and allows you to add more Bakugan to the field.
  • Ability Counter: Nullifies the opponent's ability.
  • Gamma Ray: Nullifies the opponent's ability.

Ability Card (Bakugan Video Game)

  • Flare Blinder (Flare Binder): Adds 200 Gs to Tentaclear.

Physical Game[edit]

In Japan, its Ventus version in BCV-01 comes with 260 Gs or 460 Gs.

Tentaclear has been released in all Attributes: Pyrus has 450 and 580 Gs; Aquos has 400 and 600 Gs; Haos has 280, 340, 520, 550, and 630 Gs; Ventus has 530 Gs; Subterra has 460 Gs; and Darkus has 500 Gs.

Trading Card Game[edit]

Image Card Name Card Type Card Series
Blinding Gate Card.PNG
Blinding Gate Copper Gate Card 5/15a
BA214 GA SM rainbow.png
Rainbow Copper Gate Card 19/48b
BA291 AB tentaclear 48.png
Tentaclear Green Ability Card 48/48c


  • While the anime and video game gives Tentaclear a purple iris, its toy version has a light blue iris.
  • Despite lacking a mouth, Tentaclear is capable of screaming when summoned.
  • It might be somehow related to Irisca.
  • Tentaclear looks similar to Volt Elezoid.
  • In the video game, Flare Blinder is misspelled as Flare Binder.