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1-15a is the second card series for Bakugan Battle Brawlers. It contains less than half of the number of cards for a normal card series, which is 48.

Number Image Card Name Color Card Type
1/15a BA181 GA SM gorem.png Gorem Gold Gate Card
2/15a BA182 GA SM card force.png Card Force Gold Gate Card
3/15a BA183 GA SM partners.png Partners Gold Gate Card
4/15a BA184 GA SM power up.png Power Up Gold Gate Card
5/15a Blinding Gate Card.PNG Blinding Gate Copper Gate Card
6/15a BA186 GA SM quicksand.png Quick Sand Copper Gate Card
7/15a BA187 AB SM try again.png Try Again Red Ability Card
8/15a BA188 AB SM mega impact.png Mega Impact Blue Ability Card
9/15a Circle of Fire Red Card.PNG Circle of Fire Red Ability Card
10/15a BA190 AB SM hot wind.png Hot Wind Blue Ability Card
11/15a BA191 AB SM VENTUS.png Ventus Green Ability Card
12/15a BA192 AB SM copy cat.png Copy Cat Green Ability Card
13/15a BA193 AB SM ATTRACTOR.png Attractor Green Ability Card
14/15a BA194 AB SM do over.png Do Over Red Ability Card
15/15a Re-Roll (NA).png Re-Roll Red Ability Card