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1-48b is the third card series for Bakugan Battle Brawlers.

Number Image Card Name Color Card Type
1/48b BA196 GA SM earthen mound.png Earthen Mound Silver Gate Card
2/48b BA197 GA SM elevated field.png Elevated Field Silver Gate Card
3/48b BA198 GA SM force wind.png Force Wind Silver Gate Card
4/48b BA199 GA SM low energy.png Low Energy Silver Gate Card
5/48b BA200 GA SM fire storm.png Sand Storm Silver Gate Card
6/48b BA201 GA SM haunted night.png Haunted Night Silver Gate Card
7/48b BA202 GA SM sunrise.png Sunrise Silver Gate Card
8/48b BA203 GA SM volcanic lake.png Volcanic Lake Silver Gate Card
9/48b BA204 GA SM limulus.png Limulus Gold Gate Card
10/48b BA205 GA SM ravenoid.png Ravenoid Gold Gate Card
11/48b BA206 GA SM warius.png Warius Gold Gate Card
12/48b BA207 GA SM wormquake.png Wormquake Gold Gate Card
13/48b BA208 GA SM forest fire.png Forest Fire Gold Gate Card
14/48b BA209 GA SM gorem.png Gorem Gold Gate Card
15/48b BA210 GA SM lightning storm.png Lightning Storm Gold Gate Card
16/48b BA211 GA SM skyress.png Skyress Gold Gate Card
17/48b BA212 GA-SM drag.png Drag Copper Gate Card
18/48b BA213 GA SM lockdown.png Lockdown Copper Gate Card
19/48b BA214 GA SM rainbow.png Rainbow Copper Gate Card
20/48b BA215 GA SM tricky gate.png Tricky Gate Copper Gate Card
21/48b BA216 GA SM earth wind fire.png Earth, Wind & Fire Copper Gate Card
22/48b BA217 GA SM g-power exchange.png G-Power Exchange Copper Gate Card
23/48b BA218 GA SM quick charge.png Quick Charge Copper Gate Card
24/48b BA219 GA SM river styx.png River Styx Copper Gate Card
25/48b BA220 AB SM magnetic action.png Magnetic Action Red Ability Card
26/48b BA221 AB SM meeting place.png Meeting Place Red Ability Card
27/48b BA222 AB SM perfect aim.png Perfect Aim Red Ability Card
28/48b BA223 AB SM unexpected guest.png Unexpected Guest Red Ability Card
29/48b BA224 AB SM clean slate.png Clean Slate Red Ability Card
30/48b BA225 AB SM a hand up.png A Hand Up Red Ability Card
31/48b BA226 AB SM marionetteai.png Marionette Red Ability Card
32/48b BA227 AB SM stuck.png Stuck Red Ability Card
33/48b BA228 AB SM flash.png Flash Blue Ability Card
34/48b BA229 AAB SM gpower bonus.png G-Power Bonus Blue Ability Card
35/48b BA230 AB SM gpower up.png G-Power Up Blue Ability Card
36/48b BA231 AB SM dark growth.png Dark Growth Blue Ability Card
37/48b BA232 AB SM ring of fire.png Circle of Fire Blue Ability Card
38/48b BA233 AB SM-special boost.png Special Boost Blue Ability Card
39/48b BA234 AB SM special crush.png Special Crush Green Ability Card
40/48b BA235 AB SM updraft.png Updraft Blue Ability Card
41/48b BA236 AB SM aquos2.png Aquos 2 Green Ability Card
42/48b BA237 AB SM haos2.png Haos 2 Green Ability Card
43/48b BA238 AB SM preyus switch.png Preyas Switch Green Ability Card
44/48b BA239 AB SM tigerra.png Tigrerra Green Ability Card
45/48b BA240 AB SM darkus2.png Darkus 2 Green Ability Card
46/48b BA241 AB SM pyrus2.png Pyrus 2 Green Ability Card
47/48b BA242 AB SM subterra2.png Sub Terra 2 Green Ability Card
48/48b BA243 AB SM ventus2.png Ventus 2 Green Ability Card