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1-48c is the fourth card series for Bakugan Battle Brawlers.

Number Image Card Name Color Card Type
1/48c BK PD Card244.png Aquos Vortex Silver Gate Card
2/48c BA245 GA powderkeg 02.png Powder Keg Silver Gate Card
3/48c BA246 GA heavysurf 03.png Heavy Surf Silver Gate Card
4/48c BA247 GA CLIFFS 04.png The Cliffs Silver Gate Card
5/48c BA248 GA vacuum 05.png Vacuum Silver Gate Card
6/48c BA249 GA PIT 06.png Pit Dweller Silver Gate Card
7/48c BA250 GA nightmare 07.png Nightmare Silver Gate Card
8/48c BA251 GA spires 08.png The Spires Silver Gate Card
9/48c BA252 GA monarus 09.png Monarus Gold Gate Card
10/48c BA253 GA harpus 10.png Harpus Gold Gate Card
11/48c BA254 GA fourtress 11.png Fourtress Gold Gate Card
12/48c BA255 GA sirenoid 12.png Sirenoid Gold Gate Card
13/48c BA256 GA rattleoid 13.png Rattleoid Gold Gate Card
14/48c BA257 GA lonewolf 14.png Lone Wolf Gold Gate Card
15/48c BA258 GA ethereas 15.png Ethereas Gold Gate Card
16/48c BA259 GA ElCondor 16.png El Condor Gold Gate Card
17/48c BA260 GA GpowerSwap 17.png G-Power Swap Copper Gate Card
18/48c BA261 GA lockload 18.png Lock & Load Copper Gate Card
19/48c BA262 GA lift 19.png Lift Copper Gate Card
20/48c BA263 GA bait 20.png Bait Copper Gate Card
21/48c BA264 GA drainpower 21.png Drain Power Copper Gate Card
22/48c BA265 GA specialhelp 22.png Special Help Copper Gate Card
23/48c BA266 GA highvoltage 23.png High Voltage Copper Gate Card
24/48c BA267 GA sting 24.png Sting Copper Gate Card
25/48c BA268 AB runoslaunch 25.png Runo's Launcher Red Ability Card
26/48c BA269 AB masqlauncher 26.png Masquerade's Launcher Red Ability Card
27/48c BA270 AB maruchoslauncher 27.png Marucho's Launcher Red Ability Card
28/48c BA271 AB julieslauncher 28.png Julie's Launcher Red Ability Card
29/48c BA272 AB stealin 29.png Stealin' Red Ability Card
30/48c BA273 AB combobattle 30.png Combo Battle Red Ability Card
31/48c BA274 AB shunslauncher 31.png Shun's Launcher Red Ability Card
32/48c BA275 AB danslauncher 32.png Dan's Launcher Red Ability Card
33/48c BA276 AB darkfire 33.png Darkfire Color Shift Blue Ability Card
34/48c BA277 AB lightwind 34.png Lightwind Color Shift Blue Ability Card
35/48c BA278 AB brushfire 35.png Brushfire Blue Ability Card
36/48c BA279 AB gPowerIncrease 36.png G-Power Increase Blue Ability Card
37/48c Triangle of Power(NA).png Triangle of Power Blue Ability Card
38/48c BA281 AB powertriangle 38.png Power Triangle Blue Ability Card
39/48c BA282 AB specialbump 39.png Special Bump Green Ability Card
40/48c BA283 AB specialboost 40.png Special Boost Blue Ability Card
41/48c BA284 AB touchwithfire 41.png Touch with Fire Green Ability Card
42/48c BA285 AB flowingwaters 42.png Flowing Waters Green Ability Card
43/48c BA286 AB seethelight 43.png See the Light Green Ability Card
44/48c BA287 AB darknesstovictory 44.png Darkness to Victory Green Ability Card
45/48c BA288 AB strongwingsblow 45.png Strong Winds Blow Green Ability Card
46/48c BA289 AB ground 46.png Ground Green Ability Card
47/48c BA290 AB beestriker 47.png Bee Striker Green Ability Card
48/48c BA291 AB tentaclear 48.png Tentaclear Green Ability Card