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Flip Bakugan are a type of Special Treatment and Bakugan, also considered a Variant, all Bakugan in this series have their colors "flipped" - secondary color becomes primary, meanwhile primary color becomes secondary.

Generation 1[edit]

Physical Game[edit]

Flip Bakugan are counted as Special Treatment Bakugan.

Generation 2[edit]

In Generation 2, Flip Bakugan made their reappearance, first as Fusion Bakugan with reversed factions on the toy. Flip coloring also did appear later on Nillious x Eenoch, with it always having flipped color scheme of it's faction, on Elemental-Rare Mythic Bakugan, and on Platinum Power Up Bakugan.


This list features all Bakugan that can be considered Flip in one or the other way. Due to Reboot not defining some of it's variants, there is no particular definition on this one. Bakugan listed in italics are being disputed on being counted as flip.

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Bakugan: Geogan Rising[edit]

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