Bakugan Stealth

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Bakugan Stealth is the series of several series of Special Treatment Bakugan.


Bakugan Stealth are Wal-Mart exclusive Bakugan. They are BakuGranite, BakuShadow, BakuCamo, and BakuBlue. BakuGranite are Haos colored with black dots around them, but wave 2 BakuGranite were Pyrus colored with black dots. BakuShadow are gray Bakugan with black outlines. BakuCamo were black and green in wave 1, but tan and brown in wave 2. BakuBlue were released in wave 3 and were light blue with yellow trim.

Physical Game[edit]

Attribute Stealth Type Bakugan Name Image G-Power
Darkus Darkus BakuShadow Aranaut BlackStealth Aranaut Open.png 810 Gs
Darkus Darkus BakuShadow Akwimos BlackStealth Akwimos Open.png 800 Gs
Subterra Subterra BakuGranite Avior Camoav.JPG 770 Gs
Aquos Aquos BakuBlue Contestir BlueGold Contestir Open.png 860 Gs
Darkus Darkus BakuShadow Coredem BlackShadow Coredem Open.png 760 Gs
Aquos Aquos BakuBlue Dharak BlueGold Dharak Open.png 870 Gs
Haos Haos BakuGranite Dharak Stone Dharak Open.png 750 Gs
Ventus Ventus BakuCamo Helix Dragonoid Camo HelixDragonoid Open.png 740 Gs
Darkus Darkus BakuGranite Krakix LavaRock Krakix Open.png 790 Gs
Aquos Aquos BakuBlue Linehalt BlueGold Linehalt Open.png 880 Gs
Haos Haos BakuCamo Lumagrowl ArcticCamo LumaGrowl Open.png 790 Gs
Pyrus Pyrus BakuCamo Lumino Dragonoid DesertCamo LuminoDragonoid Open.png 780 Gs
Subterra Subterra BakuGranite Phosphos DesertRock Phosphos Open.png 790 Gs
Aquos Aquos BakuBlue Rubanoid BlueGold Rubanoid Open.png 890 Gs
Subterra Subterra BakuGranite Sabator LavaRock Sabator Open.png 800 Gs
Haos Haos BakuGranite Strikeflier Stone Strikeflier Open.png 770 Gs