Blue Blaze

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Blue Blaze is a Japanese special treatment.


BakuTech! Bakugan (Anime)[edit]

In the flashback scene in The Mysterious Master Jyou!, Master Shimo is seen using a Blue Blaze Gus Burnan as his Partner Bakugan.


The following Bakugan was released in Blue Blaze Color


  • Blue Blaze, as its name denotes, is a special treatment that is exclusive to Pyrus Bakugan. It is not to be confused with the other Blue-related Special Treatments such as the ones from Gundalian Invaders and the Blue Armor recolor of other attributes from the Bakugan Expansion Pack series.
  • All the Bakugan found in the BTD-03 Rise Deck were released in Blue Blaze.
  • Despite being a Pyrus Bakugan in predominantly blue color scheme; the Go Dragaon found in the BTA-15 DraThron can not be considered a Blue Blaze Bakugan as it does not have the special stats to be considered as one and it is simply called "Blue Version" in the box.
  • Furthermore, all Blue Blaze Bakugan were released before the Bind System.