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1-48d is the fifth card series for Bakugan Battle Brawlers.

Number Image Card Name Color Card Type
1/48 Spitting Fire(NA).png Spitting Fire Silver Gate Card
2/48 Earthen Wave(NA).png Earthen Wave Silver Gate Card
3/48 BA294 GA sun spot 03d.png Sun Spot Silver Gate Card
4/48 BA295 GA black hole 04d.png Black Hole Silver Gate Card
5/48 BA296 GA wind farm 05d.png Wind Farm Silver Gate Card
6/48 BA297 GA whirlpool 06d.png Whirlpool Silver Gate Card
7/48 BA298 GA fields of lava 07d.png Fields of Lava Silver Gate Card
8/48 BA299 GA blue sky 08d.png Blue Sky Silver Gate Card
9/48 BA300 GA wavern 09d.png Wavern Gold Gate Card
10/48 BA301 GA EXEDRA 10d.png Exedra Gold Gate Card
11/48 BA302 GA apollinir 11d.png Apollonir Gold Gate Card
12/48 BA303 GA clayf 12d.png Clayf Gold Gate Card
13/48 BA304 GA oberus 13d.png Oberus Gold Gate Card
14/48 BA305 GA crushing blow 14d.png Crushing Blow Gold Gate Card
15/48 BA306 GA swift blow 15d.png Swift Blow Gold Gate Card
16/48 BA307 GA frosch 16d.png Frosch Gold Gate Card
17/48 BA308 GA magma fields 17d.png Magma Fields Copper Gate Card
18/48 BA309 GA charging grounds 18d.png Charging Ground Copper Gate Card
19/48 BA310 GA blurred heat 19d.png Blurred Heat Copper Gate Card
20/48 BA311 GA wind swept caverns 20d.png Wind Swept Caverns Copper Gate Card
21/48 BA312 GA naga 21d.png Naga Copper Gate Card
22/48 BA313 GA chum 22d.png Chum Copper Gate Card
23/48 BA314 GA mana surge 23d.png Mana Surge Copper Gate Card
24/48 BA315 GA grand exchange 24d.png Grand Exchange Copper Gate Card
25/48 BA316 AB minefield 25d.png Minefield Red Ability Card
26/48 BA317 AB brainwash 26d.png Brainwash Red Ability Card
27/48 BA318 AB distraction 27d.png Distraction Red Ability Card
28/48 BA319 AB go for perfect 28d.png Go For Perfect Red Ability Card
29/48 BA320 AB take two 29d.png Take Two Red Ability Card
30/48 BA321 AB mirage 30d.png Mirage Red Ability Card
31/48 BA322 AB restock 31d.png Restock Red Ability Card
32/48 BA323 AB learn form experience 32d.png Learn From Experience Red Ability Card
33/48 BA324 AB the glow 33d.png The Glow Blue Ability Card
34/48 BA325 AB the shadow 34d.png The Shadow Blue Ability Card
35/48 BA326 AB the gust 35d.png The Gust Blue Ability Card
36/48 BA327 AB big brawl 36d.png Big Brawl Blue Ability Card
37/48 BA328 AB pit fight 37d.png Pit Fight Blue Ability Card
38/48 BA329 AB color shift 38d.png Color Shift Blue Ability Card
39/48 BA330 AB late surge 39d.png Late Surge Green Ability Card
40/48 BA331 AB get it right next time 40d.png Get It Right Next Time Blue Ability Card
41/48 BA332 AB earth shutdown 41d.png Earth Shutdown Green Ability Card
42/48 BA333 AB fire shutdown 42d.png Fire Shutdown Green Ability Card
43/48 BA334 AB water shutdown 43d.png Water Shutdown Green Ability Card
44/48 BA335 AB wind shutdown 44d.png Wind Shutdown Green Ability Card
45/48 BA336 AB lars lion 45d.png Lars Lion Green Ability Card
46/48 BA337 AB light shutdown 46d.png Light Shutdown Green Ability Card
47/48 BA338 AB color swap 47d.png Color Swap Green Ability Card
48/48 BA339 AB right tool 48d.png The Right Tool for the Job Green Ability Card