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Attribute Haos Haos
Variations Krowll
Mutant Krowll
Mechtogan Miserak
BakuNano Slicerix
First appearance Tri-Twister Take Down

Krowll is a spider-like Bakugan in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. It was one of Sellon's Bakugan, but was used by Soon and Anubias at different periods of time. Its BakuNano was Slicerix.



Looming ominously over adversaries in battle, Krowll's appearance strikes fear even before he begins to attack. Krowll can fire a shock wave to blow opponents off the battlefield.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[edit]

Screen Shot 2011-08-01 at 6.38.14 PM.JPG

In Tri-Twister Take Down, Sellon used Krowll against the Tri-Twisters and their Cyclone Percivals, introducing its Battle Sign ability. It and Horridian easily defeated the three Chaos Bakugan.

In A Royale Pain, Krowll is partnered up with Soon to participate in the Bakugan Battle Royale. Krowll also uses its BakuNano Slicerix against Robin and some other brawlers. Krowll then tried to fend off Silent Strike, when Shun had summoned it, although it lost with Bolcanon due to the barrier protecting Silent Strike.

In Mind Search, Krowll and Vertexx battled Taylean in the Capture the Flag competition. Vertexx was defeated and it wasn't shown if Krowll lost as well or not.


Krowll was briefly seen throughout Interspace Under Siege and A Hero Returns along with the other Team Anubias and Sellon Bakugan.

In True Colours, Krowll battled against Taylean alongside Spyron and Vertexx, but was easily defeated.

In Unfinished Business, it appeared again under the use of Anubias. Both Dan and Drago were wondering why he had Krowll since it was not used by him before. Anubias then made him combine with Krakenoid to form Mutant Krakenoid and later Mutant Krowll.

Ability Cards
  • Battle Sign: Nullifies the opponent's ability and prevents them from activating new ones.
  • Screw Ripper

Physical Game[edit]

Image Attribute G-Power Special Feature Notes
Toys models-img600x450-1293245287shjvp183789.jpg Pyrus Pyrus 800 Gs None Only available in Europe
???.png Pyrus Pyrus 800 Gs BakuGold Only available in Europe
HaosWolf Shadow Jaakor (10).jpg Pyrus Pyrus 720 Gs Combat Unknown if released
Toys models-img600x450-12932448691phafx80441.jpg Aquos Aquos 900 Gs None Only available in Europe
???.png Aquos Aquos 920 Gs[1] BakuGold Only available in Europe
Toys models-img600x450-1293245394yf1dos90174.jpg Subterra Subterra 860 Gs None Only available in Europe
BakuEclipse Haos Krowll (open).jpg Haos Haos 1020 Gs None Unknown if released
Toys models-img600x450-1293245006lqturc88572.jpg Darkus Darkus 850 Gs None Only available in Europe
Toys models-img600x450-1293245168ebdn7c16557.jpg Ventus Ventus 920 Gs None Only available in Europe
???.png Ventus Ventus 960 Gs[2] BakuGold Only available in Europe


  • Krowll's head and body structure bears much resemblance to Spidaro.
  • Krowll Bakugan form seems to resemble Scorpion in a way since they have three clawed hands/feet and they almost have the same battle cry.
  • Krowll is the only Bakugan that was used by members of both Team Anubias and Team Sellon.