Mutant Krowll

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Mutant Krowll
Attribute Haos, and, Aquos, Hybrid
Variations Krowll
Mutant Krowll
First appearance Unfinished Business

Mutant Krowll is a BakuMutant variation of Krowll in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge.



Mutant Krowll's back flaps are similar to Skyress' wings in ball form. His top half is similar to that of Mutant Krakenoid.


Mutant Krowll appered first time in Unfinished Business, where he fought against Titanium Dragonoid and Zenthon, but lost.

In Interspace Armageddon, he battled Infinity Helios, but ended up getting defeated easily by Mutant Helios.

Ability Cards
  • Haos Hydra (Haos Hydron): Prevents the opponent from activating abilities, but Mechtogan and BakuMutation can still be used. (Aquos/Haos)

Physical Game[edit]

A Subterra top has 710 Gs or 580 Gs, a Pyrus top has 730 Gs, a Subterra bottom has 220 Gs and 150 Gs, and a Pyrus bottom has 200 Gs and 140 Gs, a Haos top has 800 Gs.