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Why encourage them when they're doomed to fail anyhow?
Exostriker, Enemy Infiltration
PyrusExostriker PackagingImage.png
Attribute Haos Haos
Variations Exostriker
Mechtavius Destroyer
First appearance Evil Arrival
Voiced by Ron Rubin (ENG)
Yoshihisa Kawahara (JP)

Exostriker, Zalam (ザラム, Zaramu?) in the Japanese version, is a Mechtogan that was released in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. It is one of the four Mechtogan that form the 4 in 1 Mechtavius Destroyer.



Exostriker lures his opponents with a protective outer skeleton that hides his most lethal weapon, a dual blaster cannon that fires a powerful energy blast at opponents. Exostriker's thick shoulders are also loaded with spiked metallic blades that reinforce his frightening attack.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[edit]

Exostriker first appeared in Evil Arrival, combining with the other rogue Mechtogan into Mechtavius Destroyer. Even so, they were defeated by the debuting Dragonoid Destroyer.

He reappeared in Wiseman Cometh, combining into Mechtavius Destroyer once again. However, it was again defeated by Dragonoid Destroyer.

He reappeared in Enemy Allies alongside Coredegon, Slycerak, and Mandibor to battle against the Brawlers, but lost against them.

He reappeared in Countdown to Doomsday, where he and the other Nomadic Mechtogan successfully defeated Dragonoid Destroyer and the Brawlers.

In The Eve of Extermination, he and the other Nomadic Mechtogan attempted to defeat the Brawlers, but were defeated in the end.

In Enemy Infiltration, he, Slycerak, and Mandibor were fully resurrected in their elemental powers. Later, they battled against the Brawlers and "pushed" them off a cliff.

In Evil Evolution, he, Coredegon, Slycerak, and Mandibor combined into Mechtavius Destroyer to battle against the Brawlers and won. later, they sent them to the Doom Dimension.

In End of the Line, he was destroyed by Dragonoid Destroyer alongside the other Nomadic Mechtogan.


Exostriker is #17 in the series.

A Darkus Exostriker in the Mechtavius Destroyer set has 230 Gs and a Subterra Exostriker has 200 Gs. A Ventus version has also been confirmed. It has 7 BakuNano holes. 1 on its head, 2 on its back, and 2 on each arm.