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Attribute Aquos Aquos
Variations Venexus
Venexus Titan
First appearance Chaos Control

Venexus (ベネクサス, Benekusasu?) is a Mechtogan in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. It was Krakenoid's Mechtogan. It belongs to Mag Mel, which he shares with Anubias.



His chest opens exposing chillingly powerful water blades that slice through his enemy's attacks. A bug-like Mechtogan who can battle with ease in all terrains, but is most fearsome in water brawls. His thorax is shielded by custom fitted metal while huge metallic pincers add brute force to his colossal blows.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[edit]

Venexus appeared in Chaos Control. It, along with a Darkus Iron Dragonoid, were given to Anubias as a gift from Mag Mel in order to defeat Dan and Drago on New Vestroia. They both fought against Drago, Amazon, Preyas, and Zenthon. They were winning at first, but were both defeated soon after.

It appeared in Battle Lines where it was summoned again by Anubias along with Miserak. It was defeated by Zenthon Titan.

In Unlocking the Gate, it was summoned by Mag Mel, but lost to Vexfist.

In Unfinished Business, it was summoned by Anubias alongside Deezall and Smasheon. It was also the only one out of the three to not be defeated by Zenthon Titan.


Venexus is #02 in the series. It has six BakuNano holes.

The Aquos version (either standard or Combat) has 180 Gs, the Darkus version has 180 Gs or 190 Gs, and the Haos version has 170 Gs.