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Aeroblitz BakuFusion.png
Attribute Pyrus/Haos
Power 2200 Gs
Variations Dragonoid
Delta Dragonoid
Ultimate Dragonoid
Perfect Dragonoid
Neo Dragonoid
Infinity Dragonoid
Hyper Dragonoid
Pyro Dragonoid
Ultra Dragonoid
Spin Dragonoid
Neo Dragonoid Vortex
Ultra Dragonoid Typhoon
Turbine Dragonoid
Cyclone Dragonoid
Neo Dragonoid (7in1 Maxus)
Maxus Dragonoid
Cross Dragonoid
Maxus Cross Dragonoid
Helix Dragonoid
Lumino Dragonoid
Blitz Dragonoid
Sky & Gaia Dragonoid
Chance Dragonoid
Quake Dragonoid
Battalix Dragonoid
Dragonoid Colossus
Titanium Dragonoid
Fusion Dragonoid
Meta Dragonoid
Iron Dragonoid
Mercury Dragonoid
Commandix Dragonoid
Dragonoid Destroyer
Blast Dragonoid
Torpedor Dragonoid
First appearance Mysterious Bond
Voiced by Jason Deline

Aeroblitz is a Baku Sky Raider Combination consisting of Fusion Dragonoid and Reptak.


Aeroblitz is a Bakugan made up of two Baku Sky Raiders, Reptak and Fusion Dragonoid. A very fast fusion is a terrible enemy for anyone who opposes him.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[edit]

Aeroblitz made his first appearance battling against Gliderak and winning.[1]

He battled against the Nonets and the Renegade Mechtogan Faction along with Magmafury and Betakor but ended up losing.[2]

He later battled against the Nonets and the Nomadic Mechtogan again, and won when Betakor and Magmafury summoned their Mechtogan.[3]

Aeroblitz battled alongside Magmafury and Betakor against Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor, but was separated back into Drago and Reptak.[4]

Aeroblitz also fought against Mechtavius Destroyer, but was quickly defeated both times.[5][6]

Ability Cards
  • Dragon Eternal Force (Pyrus)
  • Flame Harvey Cannon (Pyrus/Haos)
  • Harvey Cannon (Haos)
  • Saber Shield (Pyrus)
  • Harvey Cannon - Impact Torrent (Pyrus/Haos)


  • Oddly when Aeroblitz uses Dragon Eternal Force, his Perfect Core diamond did not glow like Fusion Dragonoid's.