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VentusOrbeum SkyRaider.png
Attribute Darkus Darkus
Variations Orbeum
First appearance The Prodigal Bakugan
Voiced by Graeme Cornies

Orbeum (オルベウム, Orubeumu?) is a hound-like Baku Sky Raider Bakugan in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge and the seventh Partner Bakugan of Shun Kazami. He combines with Jaakor and Skytruss to form Magmafury.



Armored hind legs give Orbeum incredible speed and a powerful stride into flight. He is one of the swiftest Baku Sky Raiders to ever grace the battle field. A lengthy frame allows him to strike enemies at long distances. When the opportunity is right, Orbeum launches his jagged tail directly into his enemies injecting them with poisonous venom.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[edit]


Orbeum made his debut in The Prodigal Bakugan, along with Skytruss, trying to convince Jaakor to return to New Vestroia with them. He later fought alongside Skytruss, Shun and Jaakor against Stronk and Spatterix. When the two Nonets fused, Orbeum fused with Skytruss and Jaakor to form Magmafury, who defeated Scorptak. He later went back to New Vestroia along with Skytruss.


In Enemy Allies, he appeared along with Skytruss after being summoned by Shun. Together, Jaakor, Orbeum, and Skytruss combined to form Magmafury, but were quickly defeated by Mechtavius Destroyer.

In Countdown to Doomsday, he combined with Jaakor and Skytruss to form Magmafury, but were defeated by Exostriker and Mandibor.

Ability Cards
  • Supreme Flame (Supreme Sling): (Darkus)
  • Ultimate Kazami Style - Rapid Fury: (requires Skytruss and Jaakor) (Ventus/Darkus)
  • Illusion Stealth Confusion: Temporarily changes Jaakor's Attribute to Darkus, and temporarily changes Skytruss' and Orbeum's Attribute to Ventus. (requires Skytruss and Jaakor) (Ventus/Darkus)
  • Super Explosion Burning: (Darkus)

Physical Game[edit]

The Darkus version has 910 Gs, the Pyrus version has 900 Gs, the Aquos version has 950 Gs, the Ventus Baku Camo Surge version has 1040 Gs, and the Haos Baku Cyclone Strike version has 1020 Gs.


  • It had a packaging error, saying it was Reptak at the 2011 New York Toy Fair.
  • Orbeum has many similarities to the bottom piece of Sky & Gaia Dragonoid.
  • On its packaging and in the anime, Orbeum's front two feet are double-jointed, yet the toy doesn't have joints in its feet, due to being a Sky Raider.
  • In Bakugan form, he shares some traits with Metalgarurumon from Digimon and the dog form of Shadowmaru from Brave Police J-Decker.