Bakugan vs Marvel

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"Bring The Battle to a whole new level!"

Bakugan vs Marvel is a specialty Bakugan toy line that was unveiled at the 2011 New York Toy Fair.


Bring the power of your favorite Marvel characters face to face with the mightiest Bakugan warriors! Each Bakugan Versus Marvel Set comes with one Marvel Bakugan and one Core Bakugan so you can roll into the ultimate battle!


The following Bakugan Versus Marvel sets have been released:

Taylean Vs Thor and Blitz Dragonoid Vs The Incredible Hulk were sets that were going to be released but didn't due to Spin Master discontinuing Bakugan. Red Hulk and The Mighty Thor also were produced but didn't end up being released.

Marvel Bakugan are all retools of previously released Bakugan:

Spin Master considered making the following BakuMarvel characters as well, but never followed through with them:

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