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When we three connect and work as one, nothing can stand in our way!
—-Accelerak, Unlocking the Gate
Attribute Aquos Aquos
First appearance Unlocking the Gate
Voiced by Dan Petronijevic

Accelerak (アクセルラック, Akuserurakku?) is a Wave 2 Mechtogan. He is Infinity Trister's Mechtogan.



Accelerak is a skilled flier known for swiftness and maneuverability. His characteristic wide-legged stance supports the weight of the reinforced armor on his upper torso. In battle, Accelerak's additional weaponry on his chest and shoulders enhances his already powerful attack. His enemies find him elusive in battle, unable to keep up with his incredible speed.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[edit]

He first appeared in Unlocking the Gate, when Dan Kuso and Drago shared their powers with the other Brawlers. He, Vexfist, Silent Strike, and Swift Sweep defeated Mag Mel's Mechtogan with ease.

He appeared again in Dark Moon, where he fought against several Dreadeon clones alongside Trister and later defeated a Ventus Razen Titan clone with the help of Vexfist and Swift Sweep. But they were later defeated by Evolved Razenoid with ease.


Accelerak is #06 in the Mechtogan series. A Subterra Accelerak has 160 Gs and a Haos Accelerak has 150 Gs.


  • The way his structure is similar to that of the Lego minifigure Nitroblast.
  • His head looks similar to the head of Arceus from Pokémon.
  • His upper body, mostly the head, is very similar to Aranaut, Elico, and Akwimos.
  • He looks similar to Ultimate Echo Echo from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.
  • Accelerak's activated form bears a strong resemblance to a mech from Falling Skies.
  • His Bakugan form looks like a fusion between Elico or Mystic Chancer and Macubass.