Tripod Theta

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Tripod Theta
BK Trap Tripod Theta.jpg
Physical Game
Debut set BakuBronze
Available Attributes Pyrus Pyrus
Aquos Aquos
Haos Haos
Darkus Darkus
Attribute Aquos Aquos
Attribute Variations Ventus, Darkus
Power 350 Gs
First appearance Marucho's Mission

Tripod Theta, Tripod Epsilon (トライポド イブシロン, Torapodo Ibusironn?) in Japanese version is a cecaelia-like Bakugan, he was Mylene's Trap Bakugan in Bakugan: New Vestroia.



Tripod Theta is a Bakugan Trap that is gigantic in size and very threatening. He can suck up his challenger's energy with a special suction beam. He resembles a Sea God, with his trident staff that emits a triple laser beam attack. Three large concrete triangles protect his chest from harm.


Bakugan: New Vestroia[edit]

It hasn't been seen since its introduction, possibly because Shun and Ingram fried it like Altair, Dryoid and Farbros as it was shown having smoke coming out of it after Mylene lost. It has Aquos, Ventus and Darkus abilities. If Shun did destroy it, it is ironic as he and Ingram are supposed to protect the Bakugan, though since it's created by the Vexos, it can be assumed that it pledged its loyalty to the Vexos and therefore was an enemy of the Brawlers. It was the first Trap to appear in the anime as well as the first to use attributes other than its own.

Ability Cards
  • Life Ripple: Summons the energy bodies of the fallen Bakugan. Each body gives Tripod Theta 100 Gs (Darkus).
  • Power Merge: Reduces the opponent's Power Level to 0.
  • Octo-Whip: Prevents the opponent from using an ability.

Physical Game[edit]


Image Available Secondary Attributes Available in Notes
Pyrus Tripod Theta open.jpg

Image Available Secondary Attributes Available in Notes
Patryciusz Patryk Jan Cesarz 7809 (6).PNG

Image Available Secondary Attributes Available in Notes

Image Available Secondary Attributes Available in Notes
Tripod theta mk2 darkus.jpg
  • Tripod Theta Mk II Booster Pack
  • Tripod Theta Mk II, special Japan Exclusive of Tripod Theta. Besides special coloring, it has 3 base attributes - Pyrus, Aquos and Haos, instead of the normal number being 1.


  • Tripod Theta is the Bakugan Trap that resembles the humanoid form the most.
  • All Bakugan that have "Tripod" in their names, have a Greek letter for the rest of their name (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta etc.). For example: Tripod Theta, Tripod Epsilon.
  • He is part of the Mechtanium Surge BakuSteel Trap series with the other triads.
  • It is possible that when Theta was a regular Bakugan, he was an attribute changer since he has Aquos, Ventus, and Darkus abilities.
  • He has been mistaken with Tripod Epsilon, as seen in Elfin On the Run.
  • In the Japanese version, itself and Tripod Epsilon switched names.
  • Tripod Theta Mk II is the only Bakugan to have three base attributes