Mylene Farrow

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Mylene Farrow
Race Vestal
Age 18 (New Vestroia)
Gender Female
Brawling Information
Main attribute Aquos Aquos
Partner Bakugan Elico (Former) (Deceased)
Macubass (Destroyed)
First appearance Invasion of the Vestals
Voiced by Fuko Saito (Japanese)
Bailey Stocker (English)
A weapon with feelings is useless to us.
Mylene to Volt, Final Countdown

Mylene Farrow (ミレーヌ・ファロウ, Mirenu Fuarou?) is the Aquos brawler of the Vexos and a major antagonist in Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia.

Cold, manipulative, and pragmatic, she often blames others for failures rather than admitting her own weakness; at the end of the first arc, she discards her Partner Bakugan Elico (and Volt Luster's Brontes) for being "too weak" and having feelings, replacing it the Mechanical Bakugan Macubass, with Tripod Theta as her Bakugan Trap.


Mylene is coldly pragmatic, willing to do whatever it takes to get herself out of a sticky situation. She is quick to blame others for personal failures (or even to excuse another's failure) to avoid punishment. After several failures in the first arc while using regular Bakugan, she decides it was the Bakugan's fault for being weak and having emotion, and throws not only her own, but also Volt's away without getting his input. After the Dimension Controllers are destroyed, she concocts a plan with Hydron to pin the blame on Spectra Phantom, who was busy dueling Dan Kuso.

When Mira tries to negotiate with her while she is imprisoned in the cage, she uses Mira's naivete to her advantage, taking her hostage and forcing Spectra to show her the Phantom Data. She also attempts to kill Mira and activates one of the Death Bombs inside Bakugan Interspace rather than deal with failure, which leads to her doom. Because of her self-centric mindset, she cannot fathom why Mira and Spectra would try to save her and is surprised by their attempts to keep on holding to her.

She has odd relationships with the rest of the Vexos; despite her usual coldness, she sees Volt as a friend and grieves his loss, and while she finds Shadow Prove a nuisance, he was willing to stay with her to their certain doom and she takes his hand with a genuine smile.

Her steadfast loyalty to Zenoheld is never explained, but she was willing to perform any request he had of her even when she had her doubts about the Alternative Weapon System. On the other hand, she displays open disdain towards his son Hydron, calling him a "spoiled brat" and later, an "imbecile" for getting careless with Lync Volan and letting the Resistance obtain the blueprints to the Alternate. However, she nevertheless covers for him when Zenoheld begins to take his anger out on Hydron for losing a brawl.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia[edit]

Mylene is first seen with the rest of the Vexos, watching as all the Bakugan are captured.[1] She later oversees Shadow's match against Baron Leltoy, insulting him after his loss and complaining about his bad piloting.[2] She nearly wins her brawl against Marucho Marukura by using Tripod Theta, but was interrupted by Shun Kazami. The two of them then battled offscreen, which ended with her loss.[3]

After Runo Misaki's incomplete connection to New Vestroia causes the Resistance to split up to fix her, with Spectra, Gus Grav, and Lync Volan following the brawlers to Earth, Hydron gives her control over the Vexos. She quickly formulates a strategy to divide and conquer the three remaining Resistance members. With Shadow imitating the Dan and Mira's voices, they managed to lure out Marucho and Ace Grit. Though Shun realized that it was a trap, it was too late. Mylene faced off against Ace, defeating him with her new attribute-changing Bakugan, Elico. With her last attack, Ace fell into the water, but could not swim back up. With that, she claimed that, "Their nightmare is just beginning".

At Beta City, she and Shadow battled Baron and Dan, but were defeated and the Dimension Controller was destroyed.[4] The two later team up again in Gamma City against Marucho and Shun, only to lose again. With all the Dimension Controllers destroyed and their hold over New Vestroia broken, she convinces Hydron to return to Vestal with her and blame their failures on Spectra, who was in the middle of dueling Dan.

During the timeskip between the first and second arcs, Mylene fled from Vestal along with the royal family and the remnants of the Vexos after the Resistance exposed their lies, which led to revolts from the populace. Zenoheld then became the Vexos' new leader and its Pyrus brawler while Hydron became its new Subterra brawler, the latter of which Mylene was not altogether pleased about.

After Hydron defeated Baron and claimed the Haos attribute energy, she went to retrieve the Darkus energy out of jealousy. Though she nearly defeated Ace with her new mechanical Bakugan, Macubass, they were interrupted by Klaus von Hertzon, who proved competent enough to save Ace from his predicament.[5]

In search of the Subterra energy, she and Lync head to Earth, though they first went to find a disguise for her. Her "disguise" only ended up attracting more attention, though—she'd chosen a white tuxedo made for weddings. They eventually found battled Runo and Mira and won.[6] Later, she and Shadow return to Earth in search of the remaining attribute energies. They figure out the Resistance's hiding place by tracking Billy Gilbert through his gauntlet and following him to Marucho's House, though they fail to obtain any of the energies.[7]

During the Brawlers' assault on the Vexos Motherpalace, Mylene and Volt defeat Shun and Baron with the help of the trap field that prevented Mechanical Bakugan from losing, and take the Ventus. In spite of this, however, the Bakugan Termination System is ultimately destroyed and their mission a failure.

In response to this third failure, Zenoheld has Clay Fermin develop the Alternative Weapon System in order to destroy Earth and Vestal. Though she and Volt both disapprove of this turn of events, Mylene chooses to stay while Volt decides to quit the Vexos despite her warnings. Her last words to him are that he'll "Have to look over his shoulder all the time," but she nonetheless wishes him luck and calls him "my friend". After hearing about Volt's disposal, she appears saddened.[8]

After Zenoheld orders her to obtain data from the Brawlers, Mylene tells Lync to accompany her on the mission, but Lync weasels out of it with an excuse he was helping Clay with the Alternative. Suspicious about this claim, Mylene later enters Clay's lab, only to overhear that someone made the copy of the Alternative data. Realizing it was Lync, she searches for him, but he teleports to Earth before she can catch up to him and she instead reports this to Zenoheld. After Hydron disposes of Lync, Mylene is present to hear the news.[9]

With the Vexos down to four brawlers and Professor Clay, she and Shadow are tasked with infiltrating the brawlers' base to get the data they need for the Alternative Weapon. Fully aware of her volatile position, she decides she is now a free agent, unable to depend on anyone but herself anymore. After capturing Mira Fermin, she and Shadow Prove are led to Bakugan Interspace by Spectra after he tricked them into thinking he was leading them to the Phantom Data. She laments how his change of heart has made him weak, while he fails to teach her the value of teamwork. After successfully getting into Bakugan Interspace, she and Shadow brawled against Spectra and Mira, but lost. Afterwards, Spectra tries reasoning with her once again, and offers the two Vexos a place in the Resistance. However, Mylene refuses and tries using a Death Bomb to send the Fermin siblings to another dimension, only for it to instead destabilize Bakugan Interspace and traps the four within.[10]

Even with Interspace collapsing around them, she tries to kill Spectra and Mira with her Gauntlet sword, but Spectra holds her at bay until Mylene starts getting sucked in by the dimension portal created by the Death Bomb. Though the siblings try to save her, she vehemently rejects their help, saying she would rather die. As the ground underneath her collapses, she slips from their and is pulled in. Before she completely vanishes, however, Shadow grabs ahold of her hand and is pulled in along with her. Inside the dimension portal, Mylene chides him for his decision, but he replies, "I thought it would be way more fun to travel to the ends of the dimension with my new best friend". Mylene is shocked by the declaration, realizing that Shadow truly cared for her. They are last holding on to each other's hand inside the dimension.[11]


Brawling Record[edit]

Mylene's record suggests she is a good brawler, as she won half of all her battles that have been seen and is considered the third strongest of the Vexos. Though she and Volt won against Shun and Baron because of Professor Clay's trap field, it is possible she and Volt could have won even without it.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Shun Kazami (several times) Off-screen Lose (all)
Marucho Marukura 4 Win
Shun Kazami 4 Lose
Ace Grit 13 Win
Dan Kuso and Baron Leltoy (Tag with Shadow) 20 Lose
Marucho Marukura and Shun Kazami (Tag with Shadow) 22-23 Lose
Ace Grit and Klaus von Hertzon 29 Lose
Mira Fermin and Runo Misaki (Tag with Lync) 34 Win
Shun Kazami and Baron Leltoy (Tag with Volt) 40 Win 
Mira Fermin 48 Lose

Trading Card Game[edit]

Image Card Name Card Type Card Series
Keel Mermaid (NA).png
Keel Mermaid Blue Ability Card BA18


  • In the Japanese version of episode 1, while introducing the Vexos, Mira refers to Mylene as the "Greatest Aquos Brawler and Kiss of Death."
  • Mylene and Shadow are the only Vexos Members that didn't betray Zenoheld, though Mylene entertained the thought with her decision to be a free agent.
  • Whenever Mylene brawls on a water surface, she seems to be capable of either standing on or levitating over water. How she does this is never addressed, whether it's an innate ability of hers, an ability of Aquos brawlers, or some sort of Vestal technology.
  • She and Lena Isis are both are blue-haired, Aquos-attribute villains with an intellectual streak, and are on good terms with the gruffest member of their team (Mylene with Volt, Lena with Sid). However, Mylene remained loyal to Zenoheld, while Lena would eventually side with the Brawlers over Barodius.
  • The English word "farrow" means "a litter of pigs".