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Vestal (ヴェスター, Vu~esutā?) is a planet in an alternate dimension, and the overpopulated home planet of the Vestals. It is a highly advanced technological planet, with large quantities of life existing alongside the Vestals.

Basic Information[edit]

Vestal is a planet in a dimension different than both Earth and New Vestroia. Likewise, Neathia and Gundalia are in other dimensions. The planet is apparently very Earth-like, having the same size and features as Earth including its life-forms, which strikingly resemble those of Earth, however, the planet is undergoing a dangerous overpopulation crisis. Some offworlders, including the human Klaus von Hertzon and several Bakugan, including Infinity Helios, are among the planet's numerous inhabitants. King Zenoheld tried destroy this planet that he once ruled with the Alternative Weapon System (most likely because of the Vestals that were against Zenoheld), but the Brawlers prevented this plan from happening.


Vestal's life is very similar to Earth; despite being in an alternate dimension. Some examples of this convergent life include;

  • Vestals - native sapient race
  • Plants with special features, like throwing seeds
  • Earth-like insects including bees
  • Earth-like birds

In addition, multiple forms of life from other places can be found;



  • Vestal is one of the only planets besides New Vestroia with a large water system.


  • Name of the planet coms from Roman goddess of health, home and family — Vesta.